1. Without parroting, using vague generalizations, or using personal attacks, what did he lie about? Expound.

    2. I’m pretty sure George Santos said I’ll never tell a lie after he cut down a cherry tree, I remember hearing that story as a kid, very famous story.

  1. The Mother Tucker must have forgotten his admission to frequently lying on his show to boost ratings and sponsors.

    1. @PsilocypherFOX is a designer information station. “You want to hear it and we will say it.”
      They have really gone too far over the past 8 years or so.

  2. The Russian Foreign Minister offered Tucker a job with state TV. Apparently, Fox had no trouble giving a Russian agent a prime-time TV show.

  3. “Liars shrink and they become weaker”, Tucker ,the liar, said something true about himself. Indeed, the truth will prevail.

  4. Nice to hear Tucker acknowledge that truth prevails. At least he seems to be aware of why he was fired.

    1. ….just shows how easily you either: misunderstand things or twist things to suit. Which one is it?….probably both

    2. Without parroting, giving vague generalizations, or doling out smarmy personal attacks, what did he verifiably lie about? Expound.

    3. @Matt P Oh Matt. If you are one of those people that like Tucker and what he stands for I’m unlikely to change your views about him, am I? So why would I waste my time listing specific examples for you. Murdoch has obviously decided he’s a liability; one of very few points of view I share with him. I’d suggest you do the same.

  5. This guy should never let words like honesty and truth come out of his mouth, not to mention he has no respect for his viewers lying to them until the end.

    1. I wonder who he is talking about when he talks about honest persons. One thing is sure, he is not talking about him.

  6. The name Tucker Carlson and the word truth cannot be put in the same sentence. He is nothing more than a educated Rush Limbaugh.

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