Tucker Family Warns Against Fraudsters | TVJ News – Mar 4 2022

Tucker Family Warns Against Fraudsters | TVJ News - Mar 4 2022 1


  1. Drink water and go in a corner until the next class no lunch and none a the teacher give little lunch.

    1. Why playing the blame game? Sometimes teachers can’t even find their own lunch and bus fare to attend work…things are hard on everyone…when they can assist am sure they did

  2. If there is alleged scamming. Do you have proof? From the comfort of my home I saw Jamaicans reaching out and I was overwhelmed. I saw blocks being purchased and receipts being shown, groceries being delivered and everyone , truly helping. I am confused. Don’t listen to those who are manipulating you. Everyone I saw was helping in their own way.

    1. You missed the point. Yes people are giving and people are helping and yes receipts are being shown. But how you know that everyone is speaking the truth? The school is doing its best but there are people out there trying to scheme.

    2. There is no proof of this and I never mentioned the school, but since you opened that door, I am sure they are doing their best but they asking persons to lodge money to the school account may not sit well with some, eventhough their intent may be good. Where did this scamming though came from?

    3. @Karen Miller The school principal said, donors called the school to help with his education and those persons said they rather if the process is controlled by the school. So they set up the account for the kid. His family know about it and approve it. The mother said it. But badmind people accusing the school of trying to scam the kid.
      But there is also another issue where individuals set up account and soliciting donation on behalf of Delano but they never gave that permission and know nothing about those accounts. So it’s two entirely different issues they dealing with.

    1. @Jade Dusk the woman say dem nuh get any iphone. So how you know dat she lie?
      Yu see her get it? So how you know? A dat me ask…

  3. Why did it have to come to this? Some rural people don’t love to see progress. Why are they tearing down this poor family like this?

  4. But they’re still getting help, money and food why can’t they just focus on the positive smh wow this’ll discourage ppl to continue to donate focus on the help ur getting smh

  5. So how you only show when the children dem eating onions now you are saying the school help mi nuh understand mind this mother ungrateful 🤔 Alex becareful

  6. The Principal of Guys Hill is now pushing himself forward and claiming that the money raised will be held for the family. Which family is that? Why was there no concern about the the student under his watch until this fundraising episode?

    1. But if you watched the full video you’ll see where the teacher stated that in grade 8 they came together and helped Delano out. Even the tablet he was using for online school he got it from the school.

  7. In any case people need to give to Food For The Poor and other institutions that do help poor people like this family.

  8. That’s why God said do it in private! If y’all did it in private none of this would happen! But every single thing people video smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

  9. Only one clarity I want. Why was he drinking water when there was no PATH lunch while at the same helpful school?

  10. Mi caan understand how she sey di school and help from grade 7 and her son sey him afi drink water a lunch time 🤷‍♀️

  11. I am not sending nothing I need for myself too this is to messy everybody want to put their nose his mother lied on ALEX now they are scammers going around what a thing maybe she lied again cannot believe nothing what this wicked lady are saying .I watch from the beginning of the video up to this mess this is terrible 😫

  12. I heard Delano said sometimes when he didn’t have lunch at school he would just drink some water and keep cool

  13. Seriously. Always someone or some people who try to take advantage of situation. This went from a bad situation into a good situation, back to a bad situation.This so crazy.

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