Twin Foreign Policy Crises Greet Trump In The New Year | Deadline | MSNBC

Donald Trump sends hundreds of more troops to the Middle East after the U.S. embassy in Iraq was attacked, while North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un vows to expand the country’s nuclear capabilities. Aired on 1/2/20.
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Twin Foreign Policy Crises Greet Trump In The New Year | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. Steve Logue wasn’t he pulling all of the troops out earlier and everyone started crying about it being a huge mistake?

    1. phillip st
      Hmmmm interesting thought. Thanks, I’m going to check that out.👍👍👍✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼

    2. I’m still waiting to see those tax returns and the money he got from the Russian money launderette, Deutsche Bank.

  1. Perhaps Jared could be assigned to solving the Iran issue, after his superb work bringing peace to the Israelis and Palestinians.

    1. @kildaver < yet another stupid shallow comment followed by a thread of stupid shallow comments. stupid shallow must never get old for you people. stupid shallow is the norm for you folks, I guess.

    2. @Crystal Giddens Yes, republican are stupid for supporting a racist sexist criminal known as turd tRumpo.

    3. ​@Susan Sullivan Honey, you should not type on mommy’s computer until you learn what big words mean. Go play with Barbie and Ken now.

    1. Hey, don’t bring Diplo into this…I don’t want to associate anything enjoyable with President Sh*t for Brains

    2. Is there a Pulitzer Prize for wordsmithing? Diplotainment ( it felt good to un-hyphenate the word) in the Trump Era has a ring of truthiness to it. Bravo Eli!

    1. @Texas75023 Ah, check your spelling for one- typo. The GOP and the right need to take a civics class and actually study the Constitution because then you wouldn’t post such dumb statements bashing Democrats. P.S. The Democrats were following the procedures for Impeachment hearings voted in by a GOP majority in 2015 so too bad baby if they used them against your dirtbag guy now.

    2. @Some Person Yeah, I said the same thing too before I saw your post. Actually the GOP and the right are the ones dumbing down the schools and against Public education so Texas’s post is just DUMB.

    1. @nailbiter I’m not even sure he has object-permanence.

      I’d love to see someone hit him with a simple math/English/or geography question during a press conference/debate. He would sh*t the bed so thoroughly.

    2. @superman superman The only thing he’s ended is the USA’s reign as a superpower. We are a worldwide joke now.

  2. This is not a mistake, he is implementing putin’s policy. The US needs a new enemy that isn’t Russian, he’s picking the fight on purpose.

    1. HighL0W Putin’s policy? Are you seriously this stupid? You’ve successfully been indoctrinated by the media. Seek help!

    2. @Rich Winder I’d rather trust the US Intelligence Community than some guy online like Rod Allen who just cries about others beliefs. At least our Intelligence Community is known to have US interests at heart, unlike Trump who *trusts Putin* over his own goverment and openly says it…

    3. This is a time to pray that Vladimir Putin really _does_ have a prevailing influence over President Trump, because _that_ could be the last thing standing in the way of a cataclysmic war against Iran. The rightwing US-Israel elite has been trying to start it for over a decade, but both country’s presidents are at maximum temptation to use it during the the next couple of months to help their political survival.

  3. When everything is about “winning” and a photo op, reality goes by the wayside. When a megalomaniac hires a bunch of yes men instead of seasoned experts, reality goes by the wayside. The nuclear threat from North Korea is NOT over. There is no “great new Iran” either. Strangling Iran with sanctions after leaving the JCPOA they begrudgingly agreed to is foolish. Thinking ANYTHING North Korea promises or says is foolish also. Damned shame America now governs by whatever trump can spin to look good for him instead of what our National Security interests are. We gotta fix America after trump and “republicans” in the Senate are gone.

    1. So are these countries going to be after us with their nukes now because of Trump? This is so scary​.

  4. *_DIPLOTAINMENT!!!!!_* nice…just great.

    Sean Spicer on Dancing with the Stars (wait is he a 🌟 star??) and now diplotainment. What next, FORMER staffers, the West Wing dance-off. (geeesh 🤦🏽‍♀️)

    1. Bubba Nelson Oh yes we are surprised just look what happened in the news today. Trump claiming responsibility for killing a high ranking official in Iran! If you’re so happy to be one of Trump supporters why don’t you sign up for war and go over to Iran and just hack your way through improve America is the best.

    2. Rod Allen, why don’t you join up for service be one of the boots on the ground over in around right now.You’re also gung ho for a war and Civil War why don’t you go ahead and get a Headstart and join the military.

  5. This helps Russia. Iran is buying up Russian nuclear material. Why does this surprise anyone anymore. He starts a conflict then pats himself on the back for getting us out of it.

  6. They resumed their program in Iran because tRump got rid of that treaty and never replaced it with anything.

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