Two Men Arrested For Assaulting Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick | Craig Melvin | MSNBC

NBC's Ken Dilanian has details on a Washington Post report on the arrest of two men for assaulting Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick during the riot on January 6. Aired on 3/15/2021.
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About Craig Melvin: Craig Melvin is an MSNBC Anchor and NBC News Correspondent. He currently anchors “MSNBC Live” on Saturdays and Sundays, contributes reports for “TODAY,” and fills in as host for Lester Holt on “Weekend TODAY.”

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Two Men Arrested For Assaulting Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


    1. And *how many* of #45✳’s cabinet *had to resign in disgrace* AFTER their ‘self-dealing’ schemes were revealed, hate…?🤔
      #YoullNeedMoreThanOneHand to count them… 👋🏻

  1. Can everyone go on FBI twitter? Please view the wanted photoe regarding the same capital incidents.

    1. Ridiculous, you shouldn’t be talking about the family like that since they say he died from a stroke that had nothing to do with the protest.

    2. @use vlog the medical DOCTORS say he died of a stroke. Nothing more. Do you have some evidence he died from the protest. If not SIT down and stop storing up trouble. It’s a serious matter.

    3. @Jay Gray Curious what ‘beating’ you’re referring to since Officer Sicknick was NOT beaten as originally claimed.

    4. @emma My position is simple, while there definitely needs to be an investigation most here are already claiming Officer Sicknick was ‘murdered by the rioters’. Some are even still referencing him being ‘beaten with a fire extinguisher’ which has been debunked.

      So far there is ZERO evidence that his death was tied to the protests other than timing, not nearly enough to arrest or charge anyone unless there is more that has not been released. That’s always a possibility however that knife cuts both ways and there could just as easily be exculpatory evidence we haven’t seen as well.

      Our system of justice is based on facts, evidence and finding the truth what we’re seeing here and what I am addressing is both the misinformation and the bypassing of those core tenets in favor of presupposition and opinion.

    1. @Harold Moore That’s non-sense plus where did you even come up with a % that is laughable? You are not part of a “soulution” you are part of the problem. Have you ever thought of being NICE?

    2. @s a I learned that when I was in the capital building in 1998 when a gunman killed several people including capital police.

    1. They can thank Trump for this. Let’s see if he pays their legal fees and supports them.

      Will never happen.

      Ya’ll have been duped.

  2. He was an Innocent man who died in the line of duty in a cruel and inhumane manner. There must be consequences for this violent attack.

    1. @gretel hancel a freaking dead human being! And you say proof? How foolish and reckless. You’re obviously a foreigner starting b.s. What’s new?

    2. The court doesn’t care about proof. A federal official died in a criminal act. That’s enough for them. They will enhance their sentences till they are old men.

      And the enhancement will stick.

    3. @Michael Reid Both of them will have their charges upgraded to murder and I guarantee that. I’m seriously sick and tired of police officers putting their lives on the line for idiots who just want to inflict pain.

    4. @Jean Augustin trust me. It doesn’t matter, the Feds play hard ball and always win.

      Even with a case of criminal trespassing or manslaughter. The fact that this happened against a federal government employee on federal land and government business was disrupted. They are beyond help. Their crosses are being built. They are gonna be crucified!

  3. If they caused the officers death I hope they spend the rest of their lives in Federal prison I hope they get much more than 20 years.

  4. 1st Degree Murder of a Federal Employee during the course of their duties is a death sentence if convicted.

    1. @Zicky Kane he was taken from the riot to the hospital. Unless he died of a ruptured appendix, which could never be linked to an outside act.

      He died due to these people aggravating an existing condition! Bottom line that’s what prosecutors can and will go on!

    2. @Michael Reid i don’t believe he went directly to the hospital as he collapsed later that night, not at the hospital. He was texting his family.

    3. @Michael Reid I wouldn’t assault a cop. But still, it wasn’t the cause of his death. His death was a tragedy. But the dems using his death has propaganda is disgusting.

    4. @Zicky Kane not true they are correct in making certain that he is remembered for his sacrifice. If your correct then I’m sure it will come out!

    1. @Deepak D’Souza What we want is fair and balanced from the media. Tell the truth about everything including the deaths. We all know the lying, biased, fake media want to run the death count numbers up ( 5 dead in capital sounds so much worse than the 1 actual death that occurred ). The media and trump haters just love to invent a crisis and make it 1 billion times worse than it really is. The only person who died from this incident was the lady killed by a trigger happy capital police man

  5. They can ask the other police where he was to track and find out the truth. Pmease help family to have closure. My condolences to Sicknick family

    1. @CynAnne1 they had so little evidence they couldn’t even bring it before the Supreme Court because the review panel refused to hear it because the evidence was so insubstantial, as is procedure, remember the Republicans during Clinton never hesitated to use the Supreme Court and it turns out Clinton had a foxy appetite. We have the distinct dishonor of bearing witness to the first president in over a century without prior pre-requisite trial used as justification for impeachment.
      Back to mommy Nancy. Maybe if you’re good, she’ll recommend to one of her Caucasian neighbors (look up the composition of her area code). I am living in a currently 60.7% European descent America and decreasing.

    2. *That’s* according to you, Nobiles…whereas *the courts ruled* the Senate *had enough evidence* to *issue the aforementioned report.*
      And ‘Mommy Nancy’ *spanked #45✳ TWICE* … *and* kept the caucus together, passing the *overwhelmingly-popular* “ARP”.
      #SendBackYourStimulusCheck if you’re so offended.

    3. @CynAnne1 The courts have little control, and abstain from encouraging anything as a neutral body (at least officially), over congress crafting a report, they have full jurisdiction to preside over it if claims are deemed founded and warranted. Even during Watergate, the Court remained Neutral, as it was the DNC and FBI pursuing trial. *There. Was. No. Evidence.*

    4. Tell yourself *that* if it helps you, Noby ol’ bean. 😏
      *Meanwhile* (with allowances for ‘as-of-yet-announced indictments’)…
      #45✳ *’accrued’ FOUR disbarred lawyers (and counting), SEVEN former employees INDICTED for felonies (SIX already CONVICTED), had DOZENS of…’unplanned resignations’ AND, at last count, FIVE administration members with “Contempt Citations” on their resumes FOREVER (Barr was cited TWICE 🤨).*
      And we won’t *EVEN mention* #45✳’s *numerous* ‘financial fiascos’… 💸
      *Or* the seditious riot *he incited.* 💥
      But *we will* remind *everyone of THIS fact:*

    5. @CynAnne1 Their going after his Administration for unrelated offenses, or anything they can get, for partisan gain. The FBI couldn’t bring down Flynn who was trying to air out DOD’s dark money contracts they were encouraged to take, and a lot of the ones interested in exposing the DOD have already been blacklisted. This is chrony politics at it’s worst. And it’s going to encourage the Republicans to do the same turning Washington’s games even worse, if they weren’t already going on. Amtrak already fired the CEO Elaine Chao got hired with actual experience in turning around a for-profit private company Richard Anderson with Delta Airlines, that was closest to making it break even for the first time in half a century, and put in Stephen Gardner, a partisan agent whose position was of political origins.
      He had a skeleton crew in Iraq and Afghanistan, left Syria, didn’t go after Libya, was negotiating leaving Afghanistan with the Taliban, after he defeated ISIS which the previous administration had created through fumbling, in two years. Also Biden’s already starting crap with Syria.
      Also quit acting like your cool, and didn’t learn US Civics from a lower-end school or a cardboard box… and the average anglo-briton considers you a briton, or a european which values tradition over promotion and opportunity, like they do a London Muslim wearing a burka to town in the English Countryside where the average breakfast consists of buttered crumpet, black pudding, and eggs, “ol bean.” I prefer a conversation without self-infatuated sententious drivel. – Sincerely Blonde haired, blue eyed, white man.

    1. @todd3205 put the link up where Trump actually urged them to be violent and hurt people, cmon lets see it, cant do it cause nothing like that exists but you di sound a lot like don lemon and the cnn hacks.

    2. @CynAnne1 you make up whatever fantasy you want to, that doesnt make it true, you are a delusional dreamer making up your own little reality.

    3. Just because *#45✳’s grammar-mangling, randomly-capitalized ‘twittyfeed’* is ‘bigly’ gone *doesn’t* mean his #MobTweet wasn’t reported on, logpile.
      #YouCanGoogleThat 📲

    4. @logpile 13 Here’s one thing. Don’t imagine i care what you think for a second, or less. For me, it’s been decades of listening to righties create demons out of people that really didn’t deserve it, and my fellow white folk whine about how they’ve been treated unfairly. Your peeps even want to make poll workers out to be criminals, and my wife has been one for the last two decades because she feels it’s her civic duty. But if YOUR dictator wannabe doesn’t win, you think it’s cool that thugs take over. Understand this – you have a lifelong enemy in us.

    1. @Susan Gunn – As we said to another poster…
      *Never forget* #45✳’s then-contemporaneous #MobTweet about “V.P. Mike” and how *’he should’ve done the right thing’…*
      *All* that was missing was *the **#HorseheadInHisBed** emoji.*

    1. And the trash that inspired the alt-right America hating insurrectionist scum that stormed the US Capitol.

    1. Domestic terrorism and civil unrest is goal for Kremlin….”Russia you’ll be greatly rewarded”

    1. @Democratshate America Had the last clown not been such an A hole!! Then we wouldn’t have to deal with Dementia Joe!!!

    2. Oh, hey zen, how much are you paid now for the posts, 50/post or something? It’s been a little while since we spoke but send greetings to Xi Jing Poh 🙂

    3. @Michael Benn that dude is a troll. All he does is troll for attention. His mommy didn’t hug him and his daddy was not there.

  6. This arrest will definitely ruin their plans of running for Grand Wizard at their local Klansmen chapter.

    1. Sadly, all their buddies at the bar, who are experts on ANY and EVERY subject, will start a gofundme campaign in their honor.

    1. Common assault charge? Willing to admit you’ve been manipulated by the media yet, you realize even the charges given admit he wasn’t killed right?

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