Two police officers killed after gunfight in Innisfil, Ont. | “Words cannot describe our grief”

John Van Dyke, the acting chief of the South Simcoe Police, identified the two officers killed in a shooting in Innisfil, Ont. as 33-year old Const. Devon Northrup and 54-year-old Const. Morgan Russell.

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  1. I’m so sorry. Thoughts and prayers go out to families friends and coworkers. Thank you for your service.

  2. I havent heard any words about Police Bodycam footage being available to help with the investigation, having those bodycam could have help to learn what went wrong during the encounter to avoid such tragic ending in the future.

    1. What went wrong is the officers did not secure the area before engaging. This happened because of poor training.

  3. Heart broken by this sad news. The government MUST go after illegal gun owners and leave out legal firearm owners alone.

    1. I agree 100%, the govt. must do something concrete to counter all these gangland shootings. Perhaps do something useful instead of going after guns which are legally owned. Tighter boarder control might help? Condolences to all involved.

  4. Prayers and condolences to the families and friends of the fallen officers and to all members of our police force

  5. My condolences 🙏 most horrible thing to happen to brave men/women in a thankless position. Get rid of gangs and hard drugs!!!

  6. And yet they hide the suspect’s information for an obvious reason. You are defying the cop’s death. May your brave souls rest In peace .

  7. Officers are affected by the gun prohibitions as it limits their training ability to practice with their personal firearms on their own time at the shooting range

  8. My condolences to the family and friends of these fallen officers . It is always heart breaking when our officers are hurt or loss of life in service to the community 😢

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