1. It’s really high time to make changes on the “Young Offenders Act” for steeper and serious charges/jail time. Youths here in Canada have been dancing and abusing this act knowing they will never get persecuted and without repercussions. This act does not work and it’s just getting worst and worst. Time for these hooligans to get ownership of their actions.

    1. @Rio “It’s where, not where.” You forgot the apostrophe and comma. Work on your own grammar before criticizing others.

    2. @Blubbery Whale The orignal post said ” WHERE the YOUTHS from….” Whether this is some type of slang or not it’s WERE the youth not “YOUTHS” from the third world.. So again the full sentence should read if written correctly, “Were the youth from the third world” …TADAH!

  2. What lead up to the attack 🤔 if those adults were in a verbal altercation with those children that lead to this everyone should be held accountable

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