Two witnesses testify in WNBA star Brittney Griner’s trial in Russia | USA TODAY

Two custom officials testified in Brittney Griner’s trial after she was detained at an airport for having cannabis oil. She’s facing 10 years in jail.

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Her return to America likely won't happen soon. On Monday, a judge ordered that her detention had been extended another six months.

The proceeding will lack legitimacy and will more closely resemble a "sham," Russian legal expert Jamison Firestone told USA TODAY Sports via email.

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  1. If she gets the ten years, she’ll be fluent in Russian when she gets back. Very stupid to bring drugs/paraphernalia to another country especially one with draconian laws and which also hates your country.

    Also, this inspection and detention was on the way out, right? Lord knows what she brought in for for her personal use. Stupid.

  2. Somehow because she’s a basketball star she should be above the law? International drug smuggling is punishable by multiple years in prison in most countries including the United States.

  3. My mom was a nurse for some big muckety muck here in DC years ago, She had a niece that went to one of those Asian countries and tried to bring hash home. She got caught and was given 20 years. Her aunt was friends with the President of the US then, and tried every way possible to get her home, TO NO AVAIL. For all the dignitaries that she knew, and all of the strings that she tried to pull, her niece did every day of the 20 years. When she finally came home, my mom said that she looked like an 80 year old woman. She was in her early 20’s when arrested. All of her teeth had fallen out, and she had to have all of her hair cut off as it had been so matted. The niece could not brush her teeth or hair and God only knows what else she was unable to do. But the moral of the story is…….JUST DON’T DO IT!!!!

  4. Did you know Jimi Hendrix was in the 101st Airborne? That’s a pretty elite group of soldiers for a free loving hippie

    1. @Keith Hoss He was “supposedly” serving to avoid jail time for stealing a car. He just so happened to be placed in one of the most elite units before being discharged shortly after for “being a poor soldier” ???

  5. Hope she gets 10 years in solitaire

    So she can practice singing the Russian national anthem

    Cuzz America 🇺🇸 has no awesome anthem in her opinion

  6. hahahahahahahha. thug smuggles drugs into Russia of all places and then walks around with a Hendrix shirt? hahahahahahhahahaha.

    1. She isn’t the brightest crayon in the box. Why didn’t the US embassy supply her with appropriate clothing?

  7. That guy probably still hates America, and how oppressed he was here. Anyone want to start a gofundme to get colin kaepernick a ride to Russia?

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