1. @Mike Smith And there it is. Find a positive, and cult45 will show up to bring the ugly! Your sickness is showing sir. I recommend Jesus. 😩

    2. @Mike Smith Obviously, in your world. In mine he’s King! I bet you worship an unregistered sex offender with a porn star wife. 😝😝😝

    1. Lisa Kuzma there is compassion all around you! Stop waiting on the hate media to show it to you!

      Come join me at the shelter! We donate everything including our time to help others.

      However, the haters on CNN do not donate a damn thing!

    2. @Marcel DeSouza The report does not say that they “Sent” their wives to talk to the man.. The husband’s were right there..we will never know if the Husband’s talking to the man would have had the same results. The lady was right..had the fellow jumped, he would most likely have died..but she was so correct..this could have easily caused a serious accident below which took the lives of other innocent people. These ladies were there in a time of great need. and hopefully the man now sees that there are some people who cared enough to get involved..

  1. We need more positive and constructive news stories like this. Rather than the tabloid garbage that kills society

    1. Justin Huang Sure! ->HOW do we easily recognise evil 👹 people? #1. They always play the victime 😭 role #2. They feel always ‘right’ but in fact are arrogant left(ist): wrong! #3. They never say sorry or humble themselves #4. They are 🐽 ungodly and love to lie; also love arrogant ‘intellectual’ fake news like CNN, MSNBC, AP, NYT, WashCompost, BBC, The Gardian, Le Monde, Frankfurter Alg., etc.

  2. The humanity is Undeniable. Suicide rates are Staggering !!… This story was life affirming. More stories like this please. ❤️.

  3. U girls ur his angels in that moment of time in his life. God bless u both & tyvm. ♥️🙏💋

  4. Jen and Toni thankyou for being there, you made a difference and hopefully inspire others to be there.

  5. I’m not crying it’s raining. Great job ladies. We need more people to step up and turn the car around. Just beautiful.

  6. In 2000 I was on a field trip with my 8 grade class. We were on the Golden Gate Bridge when out of nowhere a guy in front of me jumped off the bridge. It was so unbelievably sad. To this day I still can’t get the image out of my head

    1. Lol, the only reason they have this story is because they’re women and non white. Period. CNN SUCKS

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