TX Dem: Texas Abortion Ban Is ‘A Story Of The Haves Vs. The Have-Nots’

State Rep. Jasmine Crockett describes how the Texas abortion ban disproportionately impacts lower income women of color in “very desperate situations” who won’t be able to access the healthcare they need. Joyce Vance weighs in on how the Justice Department lawsuit arguing the abortion ban is unconstitutional threw the Supreme Court’s decision “back in its face.”
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    1. It made the rich richer and increased our national debt. Thanks to those tax breaks from Trump, the ultra rich are taking trips to space just for fun.

  1. The Texas law is straight trash. How is anyone going to legally show they were harmed by someone else making a decision about her own body?


    2. So if its your body then why should tax payers money pay for you, your not privileged by any means, if the woman doesn’t want a baby why do they not abstain doesn’t the guy who help make the baby
      have a say or is
      just being promiscuous? and the law is if a heartbeat is detected it mentions nothing about not being able to have an early abortion.

    3. @Buckie Smalls I didn’t blame anyone..
      I merely said the femiNAZIS have made this into a woman’s right issue and it is not.

  2. Once you say you lack a uterus therefore you are ignorant.. Throws you out of the conversation. Quit electing them.

  3. She is absolutely right, this won’t stop people with means from getting theirs, but it will stop people who probably can’t care for a child from getting theirs.

  4. ‘ The Haves Vs. The Have-Nots’ is the everyday story in the USA and the rest of the world. Until capitalism is regulated, nothing will change.

    1. The capitalism that produces the best living standard on the planet? This is another example of the left running to victimhood to make an argument. As opposed to facts.

  5. i n t e l l e c t w e b s they are life savers I really appreciate you guys i n t e l l e c t w e b s

  6. Is delayed the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris impeachment, each day that is delayed increase more and more the possibility that this country will go to be destroy.

  7. Its not a band,you still got 6 weeks. Stop playing the narrative that girls are too stupid to notice they’ve missed their period. It’s belittling

  8. Yep. Those who oppose abortion have a moral understanding that ending innocent unborn human life is immoral, and they have the understanding that if you “choose” to get impregnated by someone you don’t plan on starting a family with, then you lack the mental capacity to “choose” to end that unborn human life. Those who love abortion are missing those qualities

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