Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton sells for millions at Swiss auction | USA TODAY

A 67 million-year-old composite Tyrannosaurus rex sold for $5.3 million dollars at an auction after it was projected to sell for nearly $8 million.

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In all, 293 bones belonging to the dinosaur dubbed Trinity were assembled and erected into a 38-foot-long and 12.8-foot-high masterpiece. The giant Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton up for auction was dug up from three sites in the U.S.

More than half of the restored fossil is “original bone material,” and Koller auction house says the skull is particularly rare and was remarkably well preserved.

“Here we have truly original Tyrannosaurus skull bones that all originate from the same specimen," Nils Knoetschke, a scientific adviser, wrote in the online auction catalogue.

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  1. Roaches will one day pay hundreds of thousands for our bones. I’m waiting to get in on the ground floor of that action after NFTs.

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