1. What did she expect by proposing both cutting taxes AND keeping the currency printing presses going 24/7..That doesn’t work. She knows zero about economics

    1. @Budom K Do you really believe that Pierre will be worse then Trudeau? Cause literally anyone in the Conservative party is better

  2. Kenny was a total disaster too. Daniele Smith is the next iteration of Con to fail.
    Albertans needs to get their shite together and vote the Cons out of power.

  3. She was only the PM for 5 minutes. Prior to that she descend a helicopter, kissed the Queen’s hands who then promptly died 2 days later. This woman is a disaster.

  4. I’m not a quitter, actually no, I quit.
    We decided to go to the moon because, actually no, we won’t go to the moon.

  5. Liz voice just broke my phone

    Liz stepped out for a day to let one of her party members (jeremy hunt) to make financial decisions then says “I’m not a quitter I’m a fighter” then resigns and breaks my phones speaker, debt to society or what like, you’ll be paying for this lizzie

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