U.S. And Taliban Reach A Reduction Of Violence Agreement | Craig Melvin | MSNBC 1

U.S. And Taliban Reach A Reduction Of Violence Agreement | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


The U.S. and the Taliban have reached an agreement on a temporary reduction of violence according to a senior administration official . NBC News' Hans Nichols has details from the White House. Aired on 2/14/2020.
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U.S. And Taliban Reach A Reduction Of Violence Agreement | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


  1. Reduction”!?????. GOOD ENOUGH .. we must Keep the BOOGYMAN alive for the War machine industry to make money

    1. @Tom Tom name me anyone who advised the president to sell out on the Kurds- or am I missing your point? From my recollection and re- reading, Trump acted unilaterally- but after a discussion with Edrogan- to sell them out. I will tell you this, selling them out will restore ISIS presence in northern Syria, and Trump has done nothing, other than a tweet saying you better not act on my mistake, Turkey and Russia… Kurds are being pushed and slaughtered as we write.

    2. @Jim Keogh nah that’s not what I meant, sorry, I just meant people have been very insistent on taking all of our troops out of there and then when it was done they complained, for obvious reasons, cause it wasn’t a good idea to take out troops. Especially not out of that region

    3. @Jim Keogh people as in news media or social media, general opinion and such not Trump admin or necessarily senators. Just the people voting

    1. @Edward Williams at least I’m not pro-war. I remember when the left said “we shouldn’t be there in the first place, bring our troops home.” I’d gladly be a Trump supporter than cave to the leftist rage. War is bad, I haven’t forgotten that ideal; in your orange man bad rage, it seems you have.

    1. I remember when the left used to say “bring them home” and “we shouldn’t be there in the first place”
      What happened to that. Just because orange man bad, we have to fight pointless wars in the middle east?
      If this leads to a more long lasting armistice, good. If not, at least we tried.

    1. Mark N Ignore that person. They’re just hateful because prez is stopping wars and dems are pro war and pro terrorist these days.

    2. @TheNullReferenceException funny how that works. The Democrats MUST take the opposite side of Trump of any issue. And that is why they’ve tide themselves in knots.

    3. Mark N it won’t be much longer until they fully embrace their history and march around in their white hoods. They already showed off their klan robes at the last few state of the union addresses.

    4. @KGrandKWizardK if your mom actually taught you something about economics you would know that we are living in a debt bubble that will pop no matter what Trump or any other president does. We’re living on borrowed time.

    5. @KGrandKWizardK
      Fact check your numbers instead of parroting Trump. High end estimates from the US treasury department in 2015 was 56 billion when the US and other countries lifted sanctions and the funds were *unfrozen* dumb dumb. Obama didn’t give them anything but their own money. Stop the pathetic lies ffs!

    1. I mean it’s easy to sound snarky when you say it like that but imagine how hard it is to try to predict these things. So yeah, we’ll have to see what happens there’s a lot of different components at play here.

    1. @logic rules i want America to prosper and to do that our money has to stay here and help us instead of fighting for pat Robertson’s ticket to heaven

    2. @YuSPYINonME so you’re saying its in our best interest to just sit back and let Iran control the middle east, Russia and china to doing all the influencing around the world. And what do you think will happen after they have all the footholds around the world and control everybody but us.i don’t think you’re looking at the big picture. Hiding in our borders letting communism and muslim extremists run everything is a horrible plan son. Think on it

    1. Why are we still in Afghanistan ??? For the Afghanis who don’t want us there ??? I’m so confused, we already got Osama down in Pakistan so why ??? Poppey seeds and opium and heroin ?????

    1. @Varangian Guard
      “May God keep you safe from the venom of the cobra, the teeth of the tiger and the revenge of the Afghan” ~ Alexander the great

  2. This is a flashback to the Paris Peace Accords of the 1960’s-70’s. You know, that thing Viet Nam, Richard Nixon (President), and his “Peace with honor.”?
    Right, that flashback.

    VietVet 1970-71

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