U.S. Considers Cyber-Retaliation Against 2020 Russian Intrusion | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. Logan McLean They said it is a US strategy that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a Trump strategy. He’s a Russian asset not a real president.

    1. You are one clueless sick sick puppy why don’t you go move to a socialist country you piece of s*** Real Americans know what’s going on in our government

    2. @Bud Fudlacker Well, Bud, I’m glad you’re such a GENIUS – The Constitution (the same one you’ve never read) says The House can impeach a president with a simple majority, like the one the Democrats won in 2018.
      That’s where.
      Now where was that bit about “Democrats can’t win elections”?
      All Trumpsters are brainless losers that will never be happy, will never understand beauty, can never win at quiz night, and will never understand words with more than one syllable.
      This is your life Bud.

  1. Donald Trump and Moscow Mitch will Veto this bill. They want help from Russia. They can’t win on substance.

    1. take them down! congress didn’t declare war with russia but russia certainly declared war against us via the elections in 2016 through 2020. and that makes trumputin eligible for a charge of treason.

  2. This political battle is no longer a contest between different ideas and dreams, it is a contest between good and bad; the elected Republicans are simply denying reality in order to keep the reins of power. They are happy liars, urinating on their Oaths.
    We are finally in 1984.
    ‘Don’t believe what you think you see, believe what I say.’
    King Donald – 2019

    1. Bruce Bartup that is what I am saying.But the trump levers just choose to deny that and believe fox and the gop criminals

  3. Like GOP has guts to do anything meaningful against Russian. Republicans are literally relying on Russia propaganda for elections.

    1. Russia Russia Russia….if trump wins its Russia’s fault. If he loses then the democrats won fair and square.. Did you ever stop and think Hillary was in collusion with Russia? Well since you dumb liberals is accusing a country of meddling like America does to Israel politics than I hope Bernie and Pocahontas warden doesn’t win with their communist politics idea..

  4. They need to find out where Putin holds his ill-gotten gains and make them disappear. It’s the only thing that would get his attention.

    1. @CynAnne1 . I’m explaining stuff to children who don’t want to know things. If we love freedom, we need to defend integrity.

  5. To late for 2020, the divisive, disinformation campaign is under-
    way. That is why impeachment had to happen asap to try and stop the damage to our intell as well as to our Democracy. Eyes Open America it’s about honor for
    Truth and Duty to your Oath .

    1. @Terry Tater your a TROLL you would have come out better saying your not sure because he told you who he was before you voted him in office

  6. The republicans are insane and terrified they will be losing thier power which of course they will use every dirty trick and act like the criminals they are to retain power.

    1. @Mae GaryYes term limits keep them from geting too comfortable. The foxes guarding the hen house will have to vote on that and they will usually vote to eat more poultry.

    2. @Bud Fudlacker Trump will not win unless he cheats lies and keeps his worshipful idiots misinformed. Obviously he has you to help with that.

  7. Make no mistake, Putin is America’s enemy, and not because we want him to be, he’s America’s enemy because that’s what he has chosen to be. Trump is a Russian asset,  and not because that’s what we want him to be, he’s a Russian asset simply because that’s what he has chosen to be. We should treat them both accordingly with the choices that they have made.
    Semper Fi..

    1. Trump had zero to do with Russian interference (which was less than 50k spent on facebook ads and twitter bots, and didn’t influence a single American vote) yet the democrat nominee literally hires a foreign spy who went to Russia to invent a Kremlin sourced dossier. Anyone who voted Democrat in 2016 is objectively a Russian asset.

    2. @Constituent A Ok, this is directly from page 2 of the Mueller report:

      “the investigation did not establish that the trump campaign coordinated with the russian government”

      Please show me where in the Mueller report there is a single piece of evidence that trump colluded with Russians or that russian interference impacted a single American voter. I’ll wait. Good luck.

    1. After the last couple years of hearing the actual TRUTH I refuse to allow their excuse to be stupidity but only of complicity. They have been told and informed in how many ways and times?

  8. What does he mean with “if” the Russians are attacking America. They are and have been for years but come 2020 it’ll be increased 100 fold. Yes fight back with everything you’ve got and more if you can get it…

    1. More dusional thinking it seems. They just cant help it because it comes with the fear that is driving the whole mess of worshiping thier orange god they think will protect them.

    2. Every road leads to Putin. Trump steals from his charity, that’s not even the worst thing he’s done, he invited 3 other countries to hack our elections, he expects to be reelected because of the crooked schemes he’s running.

    1. Pretty soon we make you speak Russian and make you eat caviar and watch stupid soviet cartoons that don’t make sense comrade…

    2. Ha! “The Republicans are coming, the Republicans are coming!” Brings to mind a 1960’s comedy movie set during the Cold War, “The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming.” Only our country’s current situation is frightening, not funny, because trump and the GOP are in cahoots with our enemy, Russia.

    3. @Fara Roberts You know the answer so why ask the question? Mitch McConnell took millions from a Russian oligarch who had sanctions loosened against him due to the Russian attack in 2016 and then put up a steel plant in Kentucky because of Moscow Mitch’s due diligence in hating America and loving Russia.

  9. We need PAPER BALLOTS. Russia was proven to break into 2 polling booths EASILY last time. 2016 was just practice. Only PAPER ballots can be trusted. #WeWantPaperBallots #RussiaWillDoItAgain

  10. Notice the term “election interference”.
    If left alone, it would go according to plan.
    Not necessarily your plan.

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