1. Person on screen: “I’m a muckity muck blow hard and I tell you not to panic. Since I cheated and swept5 everything under the table in the past, I am qualified TO TELL ALL SORTS OF LIES!”

  2. This guy in Germany got infected, and never visited china. He got it from his cowoker. It already spread.

    1. @Brooke C Swab it down with disinfectant if you are concerned.

      I would avoid foodstuffs from mainland China for a while.

    2. @First Name Last Name no doubt and that makes me actually worry. It was nail art stuff, I just threw it away.

    3. @First Name Last Name he was from Bavaria Germany, also a Japanese bus driver got infected as well. He has never visited china before

    4. @Cuauhtemoc Topete Yes. The takeaway from this German case is this; He contracted it from an asymptomatic coworker from Shanghai. She contracted it from her asymptomatic parents who had visited her from Wuhan. Proof positive of tertiary transmission without symptoms. Time for the WHO to step up.

      Singapore has closed it’s borders to people from Hubei province. Russia has closed it’s Chinese border.

  3. These parasites see this as a profit opportunity, a pretext for a new vaccine.

    Quarantine works. But these idiots plan to watch it spread and react in 3 months with drugs.

    They refuse to admit that this disease is transmissible long before it is symptomatic. They will have blood on their hands. Screening is useless.

  4. Superbowl is coming up. Mass gathering of people from different areas and dispersing home after. Should we cancel it? Especially there will be people from san francisco

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