U.S. Surgeon General Explains How To Reduce Breakthrough Infections 1

U.S. Surgeon General Explains How To Reduce Breakthrough Infections

U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy tells Lawrence O'Donnell that some fully-vaccinated people may still want to wear a mask in certain situations to reduce the risk of getting infected with Covid-19 and putting unvaccinated children at risk.
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    1. Saw that and thought “My lord, you all are supposed to be smarter then that”. Definitely a face palm moment.

  1. Everyone: “If you wanted to save lives of people who support you, you should tell them to get the vaccine.”
    republicans: “No thanks.”

    1. Yeah I live in Vegas and work at a hospital…..it’s not republicans showing up in our icu. It’s poor and low income people. And in Vegas 90% vote Democrat. Same thing in LA

    2. All the Republicans I know were more than happy to get the injections. This is the result of Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, after all.

  2. When they say “misinformation” what they mean is, anything going against their disintegrating narrative

  3. Your daily reminder:
    I’m donating my experimental and I’m not a Trump supporter nor Democrat

  4. Those Texas rep that bailed, and chartered a flight out… were being carelesss!!! And wreck less! And a danger to public safety

  5. Wasn’t this the guy who said we wouldn’t have the vaccine until summer 2021 and that it would take a miracle to get vaccines distributed at the rate Trump was claiming it can be done so Trump knows more about health and science than Joe Biden pick for surgeon general that is pretty funny

    1. @MJL
      Point out the hypocrisy from Democrats aka media.
      That’s what real journalists are supposed to do, not be another propaganda wing for the Democratic Party.

  6. Look here’s the Real Deal, people can get all the vaccines they want, HOWEVER vaccinated or not when God says it’s time to go, it’s time go. So just try to be the best human you can be because there’s no sequels to your life, we get 1 shot at Life.

  7. Why are other countries like England & Israel reporting 40% of covid cases are VACCINATED people? Pg 133 of “ The Truth About COVID-19” explains antibody-dependent immune enhancement. ADE is when a vaccine renders you MORE PRONE to severe disease/death if subsequently you are infected with the virus.
    Hope the CDC is not taking a page out of the WHO playbook and spreading lies just to achieve their agenda 🙁

  8. I don’t like this guy’s face and the fact his last name kinda sounds like Murphy to make him seem more American.

  9. 2nd time posting, 1st one was censored. I wonder why? Truth will prevail. A friend who is 22 had the safe and effective vaccine. She flat lined, died. They paddled her heart. Revived her. It took a week to stabilize her heart. Now she is waiting to see if she needs a heart transplant. I wonder who defines “safe and effective”. I myself came down with covid before the first lockdown. I had breathing problems. My lungs weren’t taking in oxygen. It felt like even though I was breathing there was no air. I was taking vitamin D, beta carotene and then upped my dosage of vitamin C to 4,000mcg 3 times a day for 2 days. After 2 days I went back down to 4,000. I was fine after 2 days. Vitamins build our immune system so our body can fight infections. Thank God for vitamins and other nutrients.

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