1. Oh this is just phantastic… After the Taliban takeover, there is now the threat of an ISIS raid… Entering the scene: Major Fukup

    1. ISIS has been operating there for a while. It’s been problematic. The fact that we heard about this potential threat and couldn’t prevent it nor could the Afghans convince other Afghans to get out of the airport is just mind boggling. My heart goes out to the lives lost.

  2. McCaskill pleading in the case and it ain’t even went to court. Seriously, she must think a root canal is a party.

  3. I could be wrong but I think there is a provision that any applicant who lies on an application for a VISA and is found out can be deported and cannot apply ever again.

  4. To what extent is the Taliban cooperating? If they’ve surrounded the airport and won’t allow passage how is that lending cooperation?

    1. @My Pillow Guy lol Trump isnt in office anymore stop blaming everything on him my god. He also said IF they pulled stunts like this the military would take swift action. They know Biden is a bought and paid for puppet and will not stand up to them. The whole world can see this EXCEPT angry wittle wiberals.

    2. @Teddy Peterson but it’s being said that the decision to withdraw from the country couldn’t be revoked because it was Trump’s original plan or something no?

    3. @Elith Luxe Couldn’t be revoked? Joe Biden is the commander in chief. He is responsible for what happens now. Not for the last four years. He had no plan but to pull the troops out because he thought his base would love it. Not realizing that the Afghani army would fold.

    4. @superfisher 43 I was asking because a lot of people were saying that he had no choice but to follow that plan or something because of Trump

  5. MSNBC caught on hot mike: “This ain’t new sh…t; deal with it.” Folks, this is what happens when one’s ideology trumps humanity.

    1. The 2,400 us soldiers that died in that war before today is also disgraceful. You can blame Bush, Obama and Trump for those.

    2. Absolutely disgraceful…you are right. However Trump started the ball rolling. Biden is finishing the Job. You know. Getting it done because someone couldn’t get anything done.

    3. @chelseafn10 Please enlighten us on how it’s Trumps fault that Biden removed troops before removing citizens? Lets hear that big brain kiddo. Show us all your all brain and no TDS. This should be hilarious.

  6. Biden knew at least a MONTH before from our intelligence that if we pulled out the govt would collapse. He just went for it. Now this.

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