UConn head coach admits to wearing lucky underwear

CNN's Poppy Harlow asks UConn basketball's head coach Dan Hurley about a special pair of "lucky, fire-breathing" underwear that he wore during the NCAA Tournament, which his wife attributes to his team's winning streak. #CNN #News


    1. Lol. These light news segments are usually meant to beak the routine and give viewers a break from hard news. Most adults get that now. Grow up!

    2. @raymonko But they totally ignore the biggest story – the leader of China currently spending 3 days in Russia talking about the new world order. But you love to remain ignorant so sleep on!

  1. Fckin hilarious 🤣 this was def important to know!! Go UConn! The people’s champs! 🏆

  2. Something tells me that a major news channel wouldn’t have a man ask a woman that question…

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