1. Over 99% of the people still dying from Covid had not had a single shot.
      I guess playing Russian roulette is not a smart idea these days.

    2. @first “gop inbred hillbillies “ last, you were probably thinking student loan bailout to. Not after next week, probably not ever

    1. That is how you get rid of it.
      They have only 5 cases and rounding the corner- will be down to zero next week 🤪🤪

  1. when or how can come through at europe this ,shine how only the question of time and always actuall? who should warned how in sep is ebola outbreak is in uganda? how much peoples was there as tourist? they can say how now shine under controll is.

  2. Paulette needs to be careful he doesn’t catch Monkeypox now that he’s out of the hospital. I’m sure his boy toys will be over this weekend to hang out in their underwear.🤢🤮

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