1. Lily Jade You’re implying that Brexit is immoral? That countries are morally required to share currencies and bank accounts? Please explain your comment some more. It is interesting.

    2. @De Sign yes its immoral based on lies and propaganda. We need to be non isolationist in these days of globalisation. Scottish did not vote for this or the N. Irish. Not democratic at all.

    3. @somniumisdreaming Smart people refer to Europe as the Germanpean Union. Germany takes your money, and they control your economies.. Germany couldn’t beat you with tanks and guns, so they beat you with false promises instead. You can keep your false morality, you silly git. When you retire, you will be begging for food in a bread line, without doubt.

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    1. “The probability of Hillary Clinton winning the presidential elections is over 80%”

      I wonder how they will spin the election results this time after everyone gets “surprised” that Labor and Marxists are resented, stones are hard, and water is wet

    1. CNN killed themselves when they dedicated the whole network to impeach Tump the last 3 years. It’s not working and CNN ratings are tanking. I expect big layoffs soon.

  1. CNN AT A 3 YEAR LOW OF VIEWERS ….LOL …no one watches Cnn anymore ….lol ….people in there kitchen with a laptop making videos gets more viewers ……CNN FAKE NEWS …..but we get a good laugh from them and laughter is good

  2. Love how CNN didn’t cover the Horowitz testimony today guess you need time to spin it since it’s shown how wrong you were

    1. davemadson
      CNN is just an arm of the democrat party. And filled with “correspondents” who are fbi and cia cronies. All of whom are radical leftists. This is just a place for liberals to get off. Remember… liberals don’t come here to hear truth, they come here to feed their own egos. CNN tells them exactly what they want to hear.

    2. Take it as a given that CNN will spin it.

      It’s a given they do it with as anything Trump related, but they also do it to Democrats that aren’t their ‘chosen ones’ with the presidential nominees.

      Who can possibly take CNN seriously these days?

    3. @Mellivora Capensis I’ve come to realize that Joe Biden is the dnc’s only option because without him running against Trump their entire impeachment narrative stops dead in its tracks.

    1. @Devon Knobel And btw, I inform myself by watching cspan, pbs and AP. I am not a big fan of FOX News but at least they are accurate more often than not. CNN is the opposite…..they are more often wrong then accurate and if it not for Trump they would have noting to report on. The funny thing is that CNN swears they are unbiased and not opinion fueled where Fox News claims they are opinion oriented and they still get it right most of the time. Do you ever wonder why their ratings are 16 times higher then CNN’s? I wish all Americans would stop watching all the mainstream garbage networks and do their very best to search out non partisan unbiased news sources. I think we all have been influenced by what our parents watched but things are different these days and networks are just concerned about making money and not reporting accurate news. I’m not even a fan of Trump but I am on team reality. CNN makes me defend Trump and that is a problem in itself. We should all be interested in discovering the truth then defending a tribe.

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