1. Farewell does not happen except for those who love with their eyes, but for those who love with their soul and heart, there is no separation at all ….🕊🕊🌹

    1. Well good thing you said that. Or the false place you speak of would not have accepted him. But don’t forget how sads you are right?

    2. @Imaginary Person True, and I’m not agreeing for any other reason, other than what the bible says about the state of the dead. R. I. P, Prince Philip.

  2. Great to hear and see the love of all family members of the Royal Family. I truly hope the sorrow and grieve bring them closer together. I feel for the Queen losing your spouse after 73 years.

  3. You wouldn’t think there was trouble in Northern Ireland if you listened to Johnson … Sorry for the family but there are more pressing issues.

    1. Not 100. He died 62 days before his 100th year of life. 36,500-62=36,438 days lived or 99.83% of 100% full battery charge. So it is 0.17% short or 1/588th short of 100.

  4. This conversation should be expanded to include England and the four West African Territories that developed into Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana and Nigeria and how they should have to pay Original Black Americans reparations for the 157 years from 1619-1776 that they operated the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

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