UK woman makes history with rollout of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine | USA TODAY

UK woman makes history with rollout of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine | USA TODAY 1


  1. They want to depopulate the world ! Don’t take their vaccine ! Orthodox saints have warned us !

    1. You realize a massive depopulation like that would throw the whole world into chaos and the upper class would be eaten alive, thatd be the last thing theyd want.

  2. It’s funny how they hate immigrants and esp muslim ones but that vaccine was produced by Turkish immigrants to Germany. Life works in funny ways.

  3. They are all clapping relieved it wasn’t them and for the fact they chose a ninety year old women being she’s at the end of her life and they can blame her death on old age …. predictable

    1. “They” control that too… The weather, the birds, the systematically lobotomized primates that line up in droves at the first fart of a plandemic, they have been secretly breeding less aggressive, more submissive slaves professionally since Harry Truman got ahold of all those Nazi medical journals.

  4. Funny they own Pfizer that so called covid-19 vaccine provider that supply to other desperate countries BUT yet unable to provide solutions to US (champion of pandemic). What a blind choice guys.

  5. Using the old folks to test the reliability. Pfizer is not telling the latest facts – many of those in the trial are recently found infected when the cases surged in US. Massive class law suit on the way.

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