Ukraine demands Russian cease-fire; McMaster says Putin got “more than he bargained for” | USA TODAY

Ukraine demands Russian cease-fire; McMaster says Putin got "more than he bargained for" | USA TODAY 1


  1. Stay strong Ukraine! Thank you for having the courage to stand up to Putin. You are the beacon of world democracy and an inspiration for us all. The world owes you a huge debt of gratitude. 🇺🇦

    1. A beacon of democracy from an illegitimate puppet government propped up by the west who overthrew an actual democraticly elected president by force, put him in jail, shut down all media opposition and started shelling civilians in eastern Ukraine who objected with American supplied weapons?

      Only Democrats could be so misinformed.

    2. Russia should activate the nukes and destroy humanity that way we dont have to go to work anymore or apply for jobs that ask for experience and dont train , ask for refrences and resumes , and never call you back we should have a world war 3 already and wipe off the whole planet imagine not dealing with rude annoying people anymore, everybodys scared for wars but its amazing to have them ,

    3. @Gwyn Bleys Swillary Clinton, “We came, we saw, he died, cackle, cackle, cackle”
      Libya has open market slave auctions since then…to feed the globalists’ sick desires.

  2. Imagine your leader tells you that you are going on a peacekeeping mission and this is what happens
    imagine how this would make you feel towards Putin for next 60 years of your life

    1. @A L Your “own two eyes” aren’t in Ukraine. You’re likely comfortable at home on your computer or phone, very distant from the actual conflict. If you have tried to do any digging at all in the media recently… a lot of the opposing view is erased from the platform (not just news, I mean everything depend on where you live). Remember, this is just as much a propaganda war, as it is an actual all out bloody war. I’m finding it difficult to find any solid data on this conflict that isn’t riddled with bias.

    1. @david vickers you ll be surprised how ur opinion will change ones Ukranian government gets exposed… I am ukranian and Zelenskiy is the worst thing that happen to Ukraine

    2. @kozak2010998 Care to elaborate on that? I’m genuinely convinced both sides in this are trash but I do recognize that the Ukranian government is terribly corrupt.

    3. @kozak2010998 – Agree. Zelenskiy is a puppet of the US and is responsible for putting his people in this situation.

    1. @Simmos Fishing Adventures The Pentagon was hit by a plane. There are pictures of the huge plane-sized hole in the building, and pictures of plane debris everywhere. The photos that most people see are the very narrow subset that the media only ever shows, either of the hole partially covered by smoke or cut off enough at the bottom to not show the full size of the hole.

    1. @Eric Saxon the only thing the US lies about are its reasons?😂😂😂😂🤔 sure guy tell yourself that! Our government lies about ALOT!

    2. @matt harper Try watching some fun videos of John Mearsheimer and his lectures at the University of Chicago. Some of them are a bit old but they still hold water today. “Why is Ukraine, the West’s Fault?” (6 years old) and “Why Leaders Lie” (9 years old.) You might learn something new, although it may make you more cynical than you like, so proceed at your own discretion. Good luck and have fun.

    3. @Eric Saxon child you’re getting off topic so much you’re gunna cry about a name on social media while we’re talking about war? Aww the Ukrainian people sure have their thoughts and prayers out for you!

    4. @Eric Saxon you are obviously well educated but I was not getting out there with all of your history I was just pointing out that these young 18 and 19 year old troops were lied to by their commanders and thrown into combat their commanders did not prepare them for battle

  3. so sad when a conflict of “higher ups” affects the lives of the innocent forever…those people will never be the same

    1. @Darksky Lord I get it from your perspective. I think we can agree that the whole world is against this invasion. The Russian economy is being hit hard. And I think their gdp is equivalent to FL’s. It’s that bad.

      I’m hoping that this BS ends quick. It’s unnecessary.

    2. @Darksky Lord google Joe Biden’s son deal / involvement “ What Hunter Bidden did on the board of Ukrainian energy company Buriema?” Hope it will she some light to what is this whole war about …

    3. According to the Iran intelligence agency, this is the 9 days war. So, if they are right, it will be over soon.

    4. @Alex grweahae, they don’t dare to report about what the Iran intelligence agency found out. According to them, this is the 9 days war. If they are right then it will be over soon. Volod will be in the US making his new show “Servant of America”. He is addicted to our dollars.

  4. God bless your efforts sir, may peace come for all Citizens and your entire country, the world is watching with the majority standing with you through prayers and governments of America and NATO countries with weapons , sanctions and periodic fast training for the Citizens with no experience protecting the country during this war, never give up ! You all Ukrainian Citizens and Military reading this, please keep strong as you all proved to the world already. With peace and love for you from America, your actions proved the dedication and strength to the world. 💓🇺🇦

    1. @Missy Moonwillow praying to God to save them isn’t going to work either, have yet to see God stop any war…I think the only thing praying does is give them hope to keep going and keep fighting, but as in God coming down and stopping things….not gonna happen…it will stop when these greedy leaders come to an agreement to stop fighting

  5. Not if he gets everything he really wanted without sanctions.
    (East Ukraine, Crimea and no NATO)
    Edit: i didn’t think he was going for a full scale invasion, just trying to make sense of it. I don’t think he has gone insane and believes he was going to be able to keep Ukraine long term.
    – we will see –

    1. @Michael H Kinda, but he never expected these sanctions. Sure, occupying and taking the donbas area is nice, but if the west doesn’t lift the sanctions…. That will break russia in a few months. I am really skeptical about these talks. Putin would have to show something back at home to save face, but I don’t think the Ukraine is ready or willing to offer anything (which is the correct move from them in my opinion, appeasement didn’t work in the 1930s, it won’t work today).

      My one hope is that somewhere down the chain of command there will be people who, when given the order to deploy nukes or similarly destructive weapons will say no, word of that spreads among the military and it gives the strength for some high ranking cabinet member to tople putin’s government.

      It is either that or very very very long guerilla fighting in ukraine. There was that text readout the ukranian un ambassador read from a now dead russian soldier who said he thought the ukranians would welcome them and instead they were throwing themselves at the tanks and did everything they could to stop them. If that realization spreads among the military, that will slow the advance down even more.

    2. @Zs Fekete Maybe Putin was hoping for sanctions. Russia produces two-thirds of all the world’s fertilizer. Russia will have fertilizer for food.

  6. Russia: no we aren’t going to invade, we’re just doing drills, trust us
    Russia: no we aren’t invading, we’re on a peacekeeping mission, trust us
    Russia: we’re not targeting civilians, trust us.
    Nobody: ok we trust you

    1. @Shelby Rose to say what you said with less words. The US has vested political interest in Ukraine LOL for christ sake Biden admitted to withholding funding to get rid of their top prosecutor. You’re full of it. The US has their dirty fingers all over this.

    2. @big tuna Shelbster is trying to justify the imperialistic US spreading their “freedom” by saying they were protecting protestors and cleaning up corruption….kinda like invading a country and overthrowing their government looking for WMDs. America is evil, and a plague on the world.

    3. @Shelby Rose don’t try to sugar coat what the Obama administration did , John Kerry and his cohorts excited protesters and even brought in professional hooligans who set fire to tires and pushed toward Police , they caused destruction of property and civil unrest , the Ukrainian government responded .
      And meddle into another Country’s business , is what the Obama / Biden administration did do .
      Who gave them the right too ?
      The Ukrainian government refused to be bought by the EU , and sided with me Russia ,and this incited the EU and Elites .
      They helped overthrow an legit government and installed their own puppy regime .
      The Clinton Administration in the 1990’s also persuaded the Ukrainian government to hand over their nuclear weapons with the promise of being welcomed into NATO, another deception of the EU and democrat party .
      The EU are Nazis, the democrat party are socialists

  7. God bless Ukraine their courageous soldiers and citizens who will not go quietly and ultimately will win the victory many of the Russian soldiers don’t even want to fight in this war Putin is a jerk and he needs to go down hard in his own country

    1. Russia is liberating eastern Ukraine from Biden’s puppet regime who overthrew a democratically elected administration and shut down all national media opposition.

      Americans are rooting for a literal Nazi party who was shelling civilian areas of separatist resistance. The misinformation is on CNN levels of stupidity.

    2. Ukraine is a western puppet state where scumbags launder their money. It’s a client state for sleazy NGO’s funded by Soros. At least if Russia controls it the people won’t be as easily exploited for sex tourism and the LGBTQP agenda. So many stupid people buying what the TV says about this conflict. The Ukrainian government is trash and the western powers controlling it are worse.

    3. @Zack Attack – You are spot on. The world still has some intelligent people who can dig through the fake media headlines.

    1. @Crown Uk so you don’t really support Ukraine and war when it’s your own life on the line? You certainly don’t support peace negotiations.

  8. “Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime.”
    ― Ernest Hemingway, Ernest Hemingway: A Literary Reference

    1. @Tacitus Kilgore War is money rocket Look how much People will have replace and how much that cost Iraq war 10 trillions dollars . I know that on American streets people get murdered for much less . Stalin say kill 1, 20 people is murder killed million is only statistics …

    2. @ak11230 that’a understood, but what about wars fought in self defense? Wars take 2 (or more) to tango and sometimes the second partner wasn’t necessarily willing, they just had to do it or else they’d be conquered and/or enslaved (either physically or ideologically). Some fights need to be fought, no matter how dirty it gets.

    3. @Tacitus Kilgore Yes You right people need to fight sometimes But look at America after WWII We lost in Vietnam
      lost in Afghanistan if we spend that amount of money to buy their So called great leaders war wouldn’t be necessary America president Eisenhower was telling us and He was right about ours military -industrial complex.. I think that was prophecy . I remember I was living in East Berlin I was saying to so called communist leaders.. We will have to buy You or killed You ? Make you’re own mind what good for You ? Something Poland .. If You can’t buy killed ? Look that way I was …President Reagan cold warrior !

    1. @thespicehoarder Biden trying to protect Russian territory says all we needed to know! Ukraine has never done anything for US yet Biden’s the only sitting president who’s about to start a war over land that belongs to another treaty!

    2. Ukrainian parliament doing the sieg heil salute, the Azov battalion and others with theirswastikas exterminating 14,000 ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine over the last 8 years and the Nasties in WW2 entering Russia through the Ukraine says it all.

  9. My father used to always say “ you better have no options if you go to war” then again what would my dad know he was only wounded twice on the front lines during WW2. If leaders and their families did the fighting and dying there would be far fewer wars.

  10. I the past years (about 7 years); there have been ceasefire’s. Even with that in place mortars we’re still being lobbed. It was like a ceasefire never existed

  11. We are with you sir and praying for you. I wished our President wasn’t so braindead. Only peace happened under Trump.

  12. Zelenskyy is the true depiction of a fantastic leader, nothing but kudos to him for how much heart he has shown for his country through this.

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