1. Good reporting job today from Ukraine. Heartbreaking otherwise. Weapons of mass destruction are generally difficult to look at. Heartbreaking story. (We have a real emergency in Eastern Europe right now. ) Our assistance was already sent there a few days ago. I hope President Zelenskyy brokers the peace talks ..soon. 💜☮️May peace come soon to celebrate in Ukraine. We need a win there in our democracy… in this heart of Europe…💛💜💙
    which fights for this sense of freedoms. 💋🙏👀👄

    1. Мы призываем международное сообщество предоставить планы действий по вступлению Украины в НАТО и Европейский Союз.

  2. Imagine all the museums worldwide willing to possibly pay millions to get their hands on this armour or take back to western museums to display.

    1. What a waste of money to buy a bunch of blown-up tanks. Never underestimate stupid people with money, I guess.

  3. Best part is that when those tanks were destroyed they were full of Russians.
    It ain’t gonna be an open casket xD

    1. I love seeing tank-fried russian soldiers. They’re crispy. They should take a few and clear coat them, display them on the tanks.

    1. Yeah that is a beautiful plan, or just get footage to the area so Putin is sure to see it, this is a power move for sure tho.

    1. There’s no laughing. They’re still human beings that believes in different ideas. They died because they didn’t know better.

  4. Absolutely baller move here, this is effectively a epic teabagging, catch it on the chin more Putin. 🤣

  5. Ukraine going on all the weapons
    They’re going destroying Barrie Gets in Ukraine or in tornado
    You can’t rob the ways of grounds

  6. the Russians sent the army to Ukraine to split the Ukrainian lands and to change the regime in Kyiv, so providing Ukraine with all war tools they need is a correct decision 💯

    1. They asked for sophisticated drones, artillery, weapons & ammo. We sent them all plus billions of $. What else is on the shopping list…?

  7. hey man, see with your eyes and not your hands, that reactive armor is still live and i don’t care what will set it off, don’t be slapping on stuff.

  8. A powerful visual. It gives it a concrete explanation of what they’ve been up against. Then there’s the other part that’s not so literal: the fear, the deprivations, the grief and loss that cannot be shown here. These people have a lot of healing to do. I hope the gov’t will provide psychological help for their citizenry.

  9. Ukrainians should put all Russian destroyed weapons as a monument together to be remembered for generation to come. This is a talk and history that will be remember for hundreds of years to come

  10. Cain killed Abel. Ukraine was deceived about their security by their invading neighbour, this is unforgivable.

  11. Thank God the US of A has all these technologically advanced weapons. Puffin hasn’t seen anything yet.

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