Ukraine news: An inside look at the vehicles Canada is sending to Kyiv | CTV National News

CTV’s Sean Leathong gives an inside look of the production of Canadian armoured vehicles that will be supplied to Ukraine.

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    1. @Forty Two I don’t remember them ever promising it to be their main focus though during his campaign though???

      Keep defending dear leader

    2. @Forty Two remember when conservatives wanted the chiefs to have a seat in parliament and be accountable to Canada like all leaders? Nah right but I digress you come a perch I can never reach. Lmao!

    3. There’s a difference. The Ukraines want help . The indigenous just want money and not help from the government they hate.

  1. 1:11 “… the vehicles are built entirely in house without relying on a supply chain”. They’re built on a Ford F-550 truck chassis with a Ford 6.7L Power Stroke diesel engine. So not literally entirely in house. I beleive that we can see them stripping an incoming F550 at 0:40.

  2. Disgusting.
    Canada should demand Peace .
    Not supplying armourment.
    We are a peace keeping nation.

    1. When I applied for my Canadian Citizenship that was my understanding we are peacekeeper this is such a betryal may be give up my Citizenship now. Sad.

  3. More leopard tanks to Ukraine 🇺🇦 from Canada 🇨🇦, we only sent 4 out of around 100 in storage. Save lives

  4. Канадцы должны отдать Зеленскому своих женщин, которые будут рожать солдат для Украины.

  5. So who is translating the maintenance manuals into Ukrainian? Who is training the mechanics in Ukraine to repair and maintain these vehicles? Are spare parts included in the shipments? What about fuel and ammunition?

  6. There is another company near me..that builds armored trucks from fords..I tried to get a job there but nope..

  7. I heard Minister of Finance is Ukraine background we wont balance any budget in Canada for many years now.

  8. Canadains should be voting on whether we are sending money or military equipment to overseas countries.

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