Ukraine news: Kyiv bracing for renewed Russian offensive | CTV National News

Heather Butts reports on Ukrainians bracing for a barrage on the anniversary of the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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    1. @Primmakin Sofis Those are getting oil and trade off the dollar and getting NATO away from its border and next will be dissolving Israel. cant wait 🎉🎉

    1. @Eric Charles these tanks have better optics, Armor and crew survivability than the Russian counterpart

    2. @Eric Charles how? Russia loses a tank crew for every tank destroyed whereas we don’t lose experienced crews to destroyed/disabled tanks. Your lack of war/equipment knowledge is showing

    3. @Erik Montgomery Because this isn’t a video game.
      All tanks burn they same in the end fool, and burn they shall.

  1. Children and innocent are dying everyday and no one taking steps to end the useless war. We want peace in the world.

    1. We all want peace but we can’t force another country to make its decisions. Russia cannot be trusted with negotiations or deals as they continually break them

  2. The sanctions aren’t working tho. Russias GDP is down a measly 3% since the war started. How are we doing in the western world? Has anyone pumped gas lately?

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