1. The Western world can always unfailingly count on Canada’s support on the side of right and justice. To further the cause of peace in this world Canada has historically expended and sacrifice Canadian lives and treasures towards this end.

    1. @gerry g then what he was doing was against the law and was not about protesting. You are allowed to protest in Canada, but you can’t break the law. (Whether you’re a preacher or not).

    2. @Danny Carlow he didnt break any law .. 😂 he’s not even charged he is refused bail for “mischief” but the indian dude who ran over 4 truckers was given bail… so stop with the he broke the law crap!! Its all bs and Trudeau is a dictator like his dad fidel!

    3. @gerry g you make zero sense when you spout that bs. You’re just a conspiracy theorist, nothing more. I have no problem continuing what I’m sure will be a ridiculous conversation where you use no facts to support your case, but if you feel like getting toasted then, sure. If all you’re going to do is hate on Trudeau and make yourself look like a complete idiot then by all means show us all how uneducated you are about the facts. Please give me this preacher’s name so I can verify your story.

  2. Bless for Kraine .why this world try to kill people instead of heal them . Why the killer didnt have a heart like a human . History is the past and Putin could not forgive and forgot and he was scare of NATO . I dont why he Hate NATO this much .

    1. Because u dont know the real reason… in Ukraine there are nazi battalions that were ethnic cleansing russian speaking Ukrainians in donbas for 8 years… the news is lying to you.. putin isn’t the bad guy

    2. That is not Ukrane people did it if he make a revange why he dont do with the one who did to russian in donbas . And that was 8 years ago .

    3. @TAR TAR he is doing it to the azov battalions but the azov battalions control all the military.. they control zelensky.. the azov military use the people as shields so when russia hits back it looks bad..

  3. Nous, les Canadiens, compatissons devant la cruauté exercée sur le peuple ukrainien.
    Personne n’est insensible envers ce qu’i vit avec cette guerre sale et injustifiée. Par
    contre, je considère que chaque pays devrait de l’aide à l’Ukraine mais pas au prix
    de libérer la zone d’exclusion aérienne. La planète entière serait exterminée
    par des armes nucléaires si cette zone d’exclusion aérienne était libérée. Zelensky
    veut faire vivre à tous les pays ce dont ils souffrent tous en Ukraine. C’est beau
    d’être altruiste mais pas au point de compromettre notre propre vie. Zelensky veut
    que les Canadiens se mettent à leur place, ce dont on ne peut pas faire au nom
    des vies humaines de la planète entière car Poutine n’a rien à son épreuve et il
    n’aurait aucun scrupule s’il décidait d’envoyer sa bombe nucléaire. Il l’a clairement
    indiqué. Il le ferait si on se mêle de sa guerre en Ukraine. Je considère que le Canada
    en fait assez.

  4. All I wanted was to have a good life with my husband and kids. Before this war we were all doing fine, everything happened so fast I lost my husband. I have no home to stay with my kids, we are appealing for help (funds). I need to move abroad for my daughter’s health. Nothing will be too small to add up and save her life.

  5. Watch out for scammers who pretend to be victims of war to get your money. Please only donate to legitimate organizations.

  6. 🇨🇦🤍🇺🇦 We do NOT and WILL NOT DESERVE Ukraine’s gratefulness until the sky’s are closed! Enough talk ! We MUST DO MORE !

    1. If that was actually a possibility, don’t you think that would have happened already. Of course what’s happening is awful but closing the skies would make things 100x worse.

  7. I feel proud of Ukraine and he’s president ❤️. Let’s continue to help the Ukrainian people and to end this nonsense war from Russia and the Evil of Vladimir Putin.

  8. What is Canada doing to back up the Sovereign Country of Moldova?

    I am very concerned that, if Russian forces manage to conquer the Ukrainian city of Odessa that they will then proceed to their enclave in Transnistria and proceed to conquer the sovereign State of Moldova. Moldova is not a NATO Country.

    1. 1 thing the world should know about justin… when our priminister says somthing, he means it and doesn’t wait to do somthing about our problems!

  9. Remember God loves you.😊♥️
    John 3:16
    For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.
    If you trust in Jesus Christ and repent, you will be saved🙏.
    He is coming back soon😊.

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