Ukraine says it used Patriot system to down a Russian hypersonic missile

Ukraine says it has for the first time used a US-made Patriot air defense system to intercept a Russian hypersonic missile. CNN’s Sam Kiley reports. #CNN #News


  1. Don’t be afraid of disintegration of Russia.
    For example , we people of Tatarstan want to be free and independant.
    There live lovely people here the tatars. But as we are the part of Russian Federation now, everyone thinks that we are as bloody cruel as russians.
    Unfortunately modern russians mindset nowadays are like those of Dark ages, which we read in books and heard stories.

    1. @Ademola Adelakun The Soviet Union was meddling in the Middle East way before the us, take your ruble and go back to sleep Putin bot

    2. @thalente khuluse Andreij Fedorov stated that Putin wanted the special military operation to end by March 2nd 2022 as in interview with Al Jazeera

    3. @Ademola Adelakun U.S occupied the whole country of Afghnistan in matter of days and the whole country of Iraq in 20 days. we are speaking about Afghans who won the war against Russians.

  2. China about to take their land back from Russia by just asking Russia for it since Russia no longer has an army 😂

    1. @孙颖 Right up until the USA goes full isolationist and you decide you would rather have Outer Manchuria back than a bungling ally.

    1. If Russia is failing, why hasn’t Ukraine take their country back? With all the support they’re getting from us. Shouldn’t that tell you something?

    2. @Pre…Turnup Mudda Russia has an endless supply of Cannon Fadda. Mudda Russia will change its name to Cannon Fadda soon. Very soon.
      Me tinks

  3. When you shoot down a missile flying at 10x the speed of sound, there is no such thing as a “lucky shot”!

    1. That’s exactly what it was though. The patriot isn’t made to shoot down hypersonic missiles confirmed by the US itself and Russia.

    2. This guy really thinks a kinzhal flies at Mach 10 😂
      These missiles are hypersonic, only in the sense that Russians define hypersonic lol

  4. Russian hypersonic missile had appeared not so hypersonic as it had being promising.

    1. @D W
      Correct, incoming missile/rocket is detected trajectory is acquired in a missile batteries fire. It’s really basic stuff. Israel has been using the same tech for decades with amazing success. The problem with Russia’s hypersonic missile is that it was designed to go fast and that’s it. Now compare that to some American cruise missile that can fly 50<100 feet above the tree line, speeds are slower but it avoids detection.

      The problem with Russia is that they are a top down dictatorship, and they’re not very diverse in their military doctrine. Nobody there raised their hand and says “with all due respect, shouldn’t we install an avoidance system to protect it against anti missile systems.” Russia gets heads down and comes up with one way to solve a problem dedicate way, too many resources to it and then find its flaws out the out the hard way after its put into action.

    2. @Elle Fields if we take the Iskander ballistic missile as an example, then it has hypersonic speed and moves along a modified ballistic trajectory to bypass anti-missile defense and uses a jamming system. This is not necessary for cruise missiles of the caliber type, all cruise missiles are subsonic and their anti-aircraft defense, just like tomahawk missile, is a low flight height.

      In all large countries, including Russia, the development of weapons occurs due to the competition of design bureaus and tenders for specific tasks.

  5. As somebody who used to operate the number two position inside the engagement control station… I’ll go ahead and say it. It was definitely not luck.

  6. This is probably why the US has been investing heavily in laser weapons, hypersonic missiles was a concept the US came up with decades ago. The fact we’re actively testing and fitting fighter jets and ships with lasers makes hypersonics obsolete right when they are starting to become more prevalent.

    1. laser weapons should be better IF they have a line of sight. and even so the tracking for the laser needs to be spot on. most aa fires a round or missile that has a proxy fuse or vt fuse that are set to detonate near the target destroying it. i also wonder how much energy does the laser need and if with the current tech it can be portable.


    3. @Andi I’m not saying now because the technology isn’t quite there yet. I’m talking within the next decade or so. Hypersonics aren’t widely used yet. When it gets to the point where it can hit targets at the same range missiles can, then any form of offensive missle will be obsolete when going against laser equipped fighters and ships. Yeah we can talk about saturation and how any missle defenses can be overwhelmed. But laser weapons will surpass missle technology at some point, even China is working on laser weapons.

    4. @Andi I remember Reagan wanting laser weapons to knock down missile technology and that was 1985. After 38 years, I’m sure they figured out how to do it.

  7. গণতন্ত্রের জন্য লড়াই করার এটাই শেষ সুযোগ says:

    ❤Thank You USA for helping Ukraine❤

    1. As a tax paying u.s citizen i would like to say ur welcome theirs more to come💯🙏🙏🙏

  8. Can the Russian missile maneuver when at hypersonic speed? Or is it just following a pre-defined trajectory which then could more easily intercepted?

    1. very very fast at a target, then slows down as it appraoches target, otherwise the explosion screws up

    2. That slowing down is a big negative don’t u think,the normal missile r better as they don’t reduce the speed , hypersonic is useless if it reduces its speed because speed gives more destruction+penetration,

    1. @Andrei So when you are in a fight with somebody, you call for your friend to fight for you ? And beg constantly for more help, even you are the one who got into the fight you can’t win ?

  9. My inner cynic thinks this type of live-testing feedback is the real reason such an expensive system was donated.

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