Ukraine vows to avenge soldier shown in apparent execution video

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has vowed to “find the murderers” involved in a video that he said showed the execution of a Ukrainian soldier by Russian troops, as officials in Kyiv roundly condemned the incident as a war crime. CNN's Melissa Bell reports.
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    1. That was a Russian soldier From Samara region who was forced to put on Ukrainian Uniform and say what he said before getting shot for propaganda reasons. So easy to trick you.

    1. @Truth Channel I believe that was the other way around on russia’s part lol

  1. Guess what happens when you take prisoners? You create an enemy that considers surrender a viable option.
    Guess what happens when you don’t take prisoners? You create an enemy that will not stop fighting until his last breath.

  2. Down to his last breath before getting murdered, he stood for the freedom of his homeland.

    This man has been Immortalized.

    1. He also stood for the war crimes Kyiv had comitted towards ethnic russians in the donbas for a decade. Wake up.

  3. Russia could’ve given this P.O.W. a trial (probably a staged one, but still) and have him jailed.
    He could have been used as a bargaining chip for exchanging Russian P.O.W.’s.
    They could’ve treated him humane and used the footage as propaganda to show that they have no bad blood to those who just happen to wear a different uniform.
    But instead they let themselves be ruled by frustration and chose to brutally execute this man and it really shows how powerless Russia really is.

    Russia claims that they sent liberators to Ukraine but they don’t act like liberators, they don’t even act like warriors; they simply come to Ukraine as murderers.
    Whenever the Russians are pushed back or whenever an attack is repelled, they resort to executing defenseless people out of frustration.
    Events like this will only strengthen the resolve of the Ukrainians, because every Ukrainian now knows their fate if they surrender or lose.

    1. Ukraine already lost. Looks like western propagandists will need some coping mechanisms. Ukraine is so desperate they are now begging Hungarians to do the fighting.

      Bakhmut will be Russia and so will the entire Donbas. Serbia, Hungary, India, China, Belarus, Moldova (Transinistria), Republika Srpska stand with the Russian people of Novorussia. Z 🐻 🐻‍❄ 🇷🇺

    2. @Sierrawander  Ukranian losses are 7 to 1. Follow the Dejan Beric channel. He is a Serbian volunteer who has been fighting for Russia and Donetsk Republic since 2014. He said Ukraine hit 400k casualties near the end of summer. Also Hindustan Times and Chinese media outlets have reported that Ukraine is now conscripting ethnic minorities (Hungarians, Moldovans) since they are literally running low on ethnic Ukranians to send to the front lines.

    1. Every Russian criminal must stand trial and be punished according to the level of the crime he has committed

  4. For that brave Ukrainian defender and all those other great defenders who gave their life to defend their home,their family and their freedom in this cruel senseless war,I pray your deaths won’t go in vain, and Ukraine will have a speedy victory. Slave Ukraini 🇺🇦 Heroyam slava,

    1. @Horvath Sogranfume watch Stoltenberg’s interview on Sky News That’s where the copium is in the comments. Stoltenberg is like “Help! We’re winning! Help! Help!”LMAO

    2. Every Russian criminal must stand trial and be punished according to the level of the crime he has committed

    3. @KenSame for all the people killed in the Nazi holocausts. Same for all the people killed in Tiananmen Square. Same for…

    1. @Droid User yeah denszie the first got told by putin it was the Americans that started it😅😂🤣

    2. @Droid User um I’m a half Jew. So to think any REAL Jew would freely work with a azov-3rd-Reich Nazi that where’s a half swastika with the SS bolts kinda makes you look like a bigger fool don’t it?🤣 I’m just curious but do you even know the history or the origins behind the swastika and how it was used? Originally it wasn’t used by Hitler. It was used for 800yrs before and meant something completely different.

    1. Every Russian criminal must stand trial and be punished according to the level of the crime he has committed

  5. I continue to pray for that brave soldier. May he rest in peace. God bless all the Ukranians freedom fighters!

  6. True hero. He fight not for a land, but for a life he has venture upon it. Unlike his adversary that fight for a land but no life upon it.

  7. The video of captured Ukrainian soldier doesn’t show a full picture of the tragedy, first he was told to dig his own grave (there is a shovel and fresh soil visible) then he was told to rip off Ukrainian flag decal 🇺🇦from his arm and he didn’t instead he said “Glory to Ukraine” after he was shot.😢

    1. Didn’t know they made him dig his own grave. Seen video till the end but not that part in the beginning.

  8. Fight on Brave Ukrainian Soldiers in Bakhmut. Your courage is Admired around the World. God Bless Ukrainians and Glory to Ukraine

  9. Another brutal war crime for Russia. RIP Soldier.😪 Keep up the fierce fight Defenders. Stay strong and safe and God bless you and all of Ukraine .🙏🇺🇦💙💛

  10. There are reports circulating on Ukrainian websites that the fallen soldier was not Timofiy Shadura, but Oleksandr Matsievsky. If it was indeed Matsievsky, he was a soldier of the 163rd Territorial Defense Battalion of Nizhyn, Chernihiv Oblast (119th brigade), fighting near the city of Soledar in Donestk Oblast. He was taken captive on Dec. 30. With rifles drawn upon him, he was ordered to remove his Ukrainian Armed Forces insignia before being executed. He refused and thus his reply “Slava Ukraini.” His remains were returned back to Ukrainian side and he was buried on Feb. 14 of 2023. He had previously been injured before this video clip, but had recovered and returned to the front. He was truly a war hero and should be honored as such.

    1. @Milan Milanche Okay Ivan calm down. Here on this western platform that you connected to using Western technology, we don’t care about you or your sputnik propaganda

    2. He will never be forgotten and thanks for sharing this information about Timofiy shadura he’s a true hero and should be honoured with a statue with the words slava Ukraine 🙏💙💛

    1. Spasibo Russia from Slovenija 🇷🇺👏🇸🇮 The world will be a better place without nazism. Bakhmut will soon be liberated.

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