Ukrainian officer gives Mariupol update, says many have died | USA TODAY

Ukrainian army officer Serhiy Volynskyy is defending the Azovstal steel mill where hundreds of civilians are sheltering.

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About 100,000 residents remaining in Mariupol face "mortal danger" because of the shelling, as well as intolerable and unsanitary living conditions, the City Council warns. Threats include cholera, dysentery and E-coli, the council said in a statement. Mayor Vadym Boychenko said the city lacks water and sewer due to unrelenting Russian airstrikes. And he fears the warming weather will speed decomposition of thousands of corpses under the rubble, fueling powerful and deadly epidemics.

"The occupiers are unable to provide the existing population with food, water and medicine – or they are simply not interested in it," he said. "They are blocking all evacuation attempts. Without it, people will die. An immediate and complete evacuation is needed."

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    1. @SERENGETITV not happening. There is too much going on besides Putin’s paranoia. China and Taiwan for starters.

  1. For fighters and civilians, Russia has given many times a green corridor to get out of Azovstal. No one came out, no one wanted to. And those who decided to go out (other fighters, not Azov) were shot in the back by the Azov fighters. Azov fighters also reported civilians in another part of Azovstal. They said that they have no way to contact civilians, but the fighters regularly contact the media and upload videos. Paradox

    1. @Eileen MC Connell interesting point…Russia flooding the tunnels with sea water would work the best get everyone out.. this has been going on too long.

  2. Z e l e n s k y- s t e a l s US m o n e y !!!💰🇺🇦💰🇺🇦💰🇺🇦💰🇺🇦💰🇺🇦💰

  3. Please help clean Ukraine from oligarchic media and finansical platform/we need facts about Rinat Achmetow/Ihor Kolomoyskyi / Viktor Pinchuk/ Henadiy Boholyubov/ Yuriy Kosiuk/ crimminal presidents !they helped Putin to start the war.. people must know facts who work on putin and we must do somethink!Please help! we lowe USA God save us

  4. When a criminal is cornered by the police he take a hostage. Let the civilians leave if there is any, and you can stay there until you starve to death. The Russian will not waste the life of one single soldier to flash you out, they will let you stay there a long as you want, because if you come out you will cost them the food and medicine you need. Remember that Japan surrendered and did not fight to the last child.

  5. A message for both sides of the conflict. Prisoners of war should be treated with respect and dignity following the accepted guidelines. International organizations should verify that POW are respected and treated with respect and dignity. Having said that, when you are surrounded and facing certain defeat, and your adversary gives you the option to surrender, please do so. If you refuse to surrender, then you are saying that you are willing to die fighting. It is your option….

    1. @Erik J Thats why I believe Russia should flood the tunnels. People will panic as well as the Azov…No mercs, soldiers nor civilian wants to die that way…no matter what they believe. Hence why water boarding was such an effective method.

  6. I never heard of “Extraction” after your troops being cornered and encircled by the enemy!!. Usually, if you lost the battle, either you fight to the End or you Surrender……!!? And as heroic as the AZOV battalions are being portrayed, they Should Live Up to their Height and NOT using civilians and children as shield in the Avozstel Plant…Period!!

  7. Let the civilians go. There are too many videos on YouTube where the civilians complain they were held hostage by the Azov soldiers. This city should have been surrendered weeks ago to save lives and property. It’s better to stay alive and have a place to sleep under any government than be blown up under your own government orders.

  8. What do you want from the world, you have a comedian for a president, and that is the result you get. Simplifying things to a dangerous level. You can always surrender, and walk off this war that was started by western cooperation and NATO, EU will never let Ukraine join them, just look at the size of your country, it 1/3 of total Europe.

  9. Stop using civilians as human shields! Let them go and accept your faith to be judged as war criminals.

  10. Everyone who has problems with AZOV there, the garrison of Mariupol also consists of 36th Marine brigade, local police force and border guards. Many of the defenders are local who have their families with them. Guess what will happen to the women and children of those who heroically destroyed the advancing troops ? Don’t think too long, we’re dealing with the Russian army, worst regular army in the world by record of atrocities, rapes, looting and murder over the last 100 years.

    1. So, okay, let them whither on the vine. Sorry, because that is the ground truth. These azov men have made their bones with this conflict. Their personal sufferings have been heard but until they put their weapons down, and capitulate there can be no progress forward. Guarantees were made multiple times and International agencies are aware of their dire strates. But munitions yet, continue to come down range (shruggs). They will have to capitulate or again, whither on the vine. Dunkirk 2.0 isnt feasible or realistic. They ultimately choose to let this go on as it is. Prayers for all and for both sides.

    2. ​@karl5056 “Guarantees were made” you have to pay closer attention, Russia ignored green corridors multiple times for previous evacuations, they are incredibly untrustworthy when it comes to keep their word. So many times they’ve diverted the buses, then forced all the people into their buses which took people to Russia, including remote far north areas that lack workforce. Modern day kidnapping and slavery, you can’t demand of people to agree to any of these conditions.

      As to the defenders, yes they’ve chosen their fate , and they will have another tough choice to make if help won’t come, a soldier can die in battle. But civilians are facing rape & slavery in the far north of Russia where they are being “evacuated”. Also, about “prayers for both sides” is kind of obscene and sounds like a mockery of this situation. Just imagine someone praying for “both” sides, when someone you love is besieged and on the edge of extermination by an invading army known for mass rape & murder.

  11. In Aleppo, the city defenders were transported to the city of Idlib, the last stronghold of rebels fighting al-Assad’s regime – They were even allowed to carry out their personal weapons. “Extraction” might be the code of Nato personnel pleas since there were quite a few “foreign fighters” seeking refuge inside the Azovstal steel mill which were military upgraded since 2014 and could shelter up to 10 thousand people for three weeks. A political solution is the only extraction.

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