Ukrainians serenaded while sheltering from Russian bombing | USA TODAY


  1. Russians were serenading while sheltering from Ukrainian bombing in Donbas, but nobody recorded that event.
    God bless the world.

  2. In the dictionary when people look for ‘ comedian ‘ respond should automatically be ; Zelensky! Zelensky was put in there by the west to entertain the Russians, ultimately making them laugh .

  3. Made me cry, their resiliency, in North America we’ve never known any kind of persecution like this.

    1. Yes, inspiring the resilience of the Ukrainians… But your comment on Persecution in North America is waaaay off…You might want to go back to History class…

  4. I live in China. Everything is miserable here, but no one dares to complain.
    Seriously if there is next life, I wish to be born in any other country, except China.

  5. I hope they can almost imagine the horror which the people of Donbass went through for eight long years.
    And they are still suffering.

  6. This reminds me of photos of British civilians taking cover from German strategic bombing in 1940. They’re all just casually lounging about, staying calm.

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