UK’s highest temperature ever recorded melts tarmac at London airport | USA TODAY #Shorts

The United Kingdom crushed its record for highest temperature ever recorded Tuesday, melting a portion of the tarmac at London Luton Airport.

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A scorching heat wave broiled much of mainland Europe, leading to hundreds of heat-related deaths and fierce wildfires. Tuesday's highs will be "unprecedented," said Met Office forecaster Rachel Ayers, adding temperatures would rise to as high as 104 or 105.8 F in parts of England in the afternoon.

The Meteorological Office, U.K.'s weather office, announced a temperature of 40.2 Celsius (104.4 Fahrenheit) was provisionally recorded Tuesday in London. A temperature of 39.1 C (102.4 F) was provisionally recorded earlier in the day in the English village of Charlwood in Surrey.

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  1. Summer in the northern hemisphere. Weird. And taking an ambient temp around a large patch of concrete/tarmac creates what might be called a unique environment. Just sayin

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