Umpire punched by athlete’s father during high school baseball game | USA TODAY

A father knocked out a 63-year-old disabled, veteran umpire at a high school baseball game in Florida after his son and the umpire exchanged words.

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The umpire, identified as Reinaldo Mora, was standing by the backstop just after a game when a man identified by police as Jorge Aponte Gonzalez walked up from behind and punched him in the head, according to video released by the Osceola County Sheriff's Office in central Florida.

The video shows Mora immediately fall to the ground and concerned players and parents run up to help, with two men restraining Gonzalez after the April 18 attack at a local high school.

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  1. The umpire can sue the father. Make money. Jail 6 months. And community service 3 years. If the umpire gave verbal abuse, a lesser penalty. Such a bad example! Poor kid!

  2. He deserves a minimum of 5 yrs….what a chickensh*t sucker punch….I hope he experiences the same during his incarceration.

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