‘Unacceptable Precedent:’ Katie Hill Speaks Out Against Cyber Exploitation | All In | MSNBC 1

‘Unacceptable Precedent:’ Katie Hill Speaks Out Against Cyber Exploitation | All In | MSNBC


Former Congresswomen Katie Hill discusses how “revenge porn” is a gendered means of shaming women and how she intends to fight against it. Aired on 12/06/19.
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‘Unacceptable precedent:’ Katie Hill Speaks Out Against Cyber Exploitation | All In | MSNBC


    1. Female version of Clinton sounds good to me. Clinton was a great President and before he left office left USA with a balanced federal budget and a zero federal deficit.

    1. @Mary Rose Kent – You must be related to Sheldon Cooper. That was sarcasm. Kinda went over your head, didn’t it?

  1. George Orwell excited and scared me with 1984 when I was 12. WTF is a curious 12 year old thinking now. Good luck little bugger with your future. Sorry my generation f*cked up.

  2. I still don’t understand why she resigned.. Her own constituents said they didn’t care.. I think they read a bad move.. I really wish she didn’t. I’ve taken NUMEROUS pictures like that and sent to my husband and I’m 42!! He’s at work, I send him naughty stuff to mess with him.. So what, that doesn’t take away from the fact that I have 2 degrees and 1yr away from my PhD in forensic psychology.. I’m human..

    1. @No Dogma Mama dont bother with these people. They are essentially Russian assets. They will overlook Trumps clear affiliation and admiration of Puttin but give this women a hard time for a tattoo of a symbol they clearly know nothing about. Clueless Trump Turds cant expect much from uneducated fantasy driven idiots.

  3. 0:53 If she thinks 80% of people swap lewd images of themselves on-line, then she’s just plain wrong.

    1. She didn’t swap any pictures of herself. nor did she say anyone else did. She said lots of people take nude selfies with their smartphones, which is true.

    2. @Richard Christie I watched it. I heard what she said. She said people take pix of themselves. She’s right. She did NOT say “And all of them exchange them on the internet.” She didn’t exchange her own photos, either… her ex did that to her and he should be jailed for it.

    3. @Tessmage Tessera Your point about posting them is valid.
      She also said “images like that”, have you seen the images she refers to? She is discussing pornographic pics, you can’t downplay that by referring to them as “pix” as if they’re on par with family photos.
      She is pulling the 80% figure out of her backside.
      I’d made no judgement on whether she is a victim or not. For what it’s worth, I happen to fully support her in her action.

    4. @Richard Christie I don’t consider a simple nude photo to be pornographic. Also, she didn’t take the photo… her ex did and then, he posted them without her knowledge or consent. She’s the victim here.

  4. America is going down the toilet bowl in a hand basket with tRump. tRump just declared a National Inquiry into faucets, sinks & Excessive Toilet Flushing. He is bonkers & obviously mentally, morally & temperamentally unfit to be POTUS. This is very surrealistic orwellian to me.

  5. *duncan hunter cheated on his wife with multiple hookers, paid for flights, vacations and lavish dinners with campaign money and then blamed it all on his wife and son. he didn’t plead guilty until yesterday. he will not resign until the new year so he can get his salary (our tax $) for the month of january.*

  6. For those of you thinking, Katie Hill has a Nazi Cross tattooed, guess again. It’s a St John’s or Maltese Cross if you even care. The British Commonwealth’s highest military medal, the Victoria Cross also uses the same symbol. It’s just politically convenient to smear her, isn’t it? What she does in her private life is none of our concern when she is well within the law with what she is doing. You wowsers
    (link for wowser below, entirely appropriate) with your hypocritical moral high ground need to first look in your own backyard before criticizing others.

  7. Let us all fight the fascist exploitation of all the vulnerable people on the planet. That is, let us fight the fascist exploitation of all humans on the planet.

  8. This woman deserves no pity. You got caught, lied about it, then got revealed as a liar. Move along now. Go chat with Al Franken about fairness.

  9. So why do you take these kinds of intimate images? Someone explain to me why you would have these images if not for having them seen by at least one other person or persons. If this other person or persons decide to make these images public, well, it’s on you.

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