‘Unbearable’ Humanitarian Disaster In Gaza

Matthias Schmale, Director UNRWA Operations Gaza, speaks on the plight of refugees in Gaza. 

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  1. The UN? Is that the same group of countries that gave away the Palestinians land and claimed it now belongs to Israel?

    1. @Danger Close Israel is a terrorist apartheid state. End of discussion. No amount of bs propaganda by you evil zionists in this comment section can change this fact ever.

  2. I hope this cease fire 🔥 sticks. If I could get there, I would help them clean up and rebuild in Gaza! Yup. From southern Colorado!

  3. Meanwhile in the US….we’re fighting over mask mandates, the lies of a loser who can’t get over his lost election, and whether or not pineapples belong on a pizza. (Spoiler: THEY DO!) 🍕🍍

    1. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson And Fox, and The Daily Wire, and The Washington Examiner, and Ben Sapiro, and KKKCandace Owens, and Kevin McCarthy, and QANON, and Proud Bois, and Oath Keepers, and and and and.

    2. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson hahah Have you watched Fox or OAN in the past few days? Man are you delusional.

    3. @Cerbyo Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm pineapple on a pizza with sausage mushrooms Candian bacon pepperoni and jalapenos! I ordering one right now!!!

    1. Palestinians used their own children as human shields against the Israeli snipers. Even pigs wouldn’t do that to their young. Absolutely vile.

    2. @Dog Poo Fairy Actually Israel used their children to justify onslaught of missiles

    3. @Whitney Mohrhauser I remember watching the news a few years ago seeing the Palestinians with their children marching towards the snipers. This despite being warned by their leaders that the snipers would open fire.

    4. @Dog Poo Fairy I remember HOW much the Victims card that Israel used to guilt trip countries in the west for past 75 years. Can you honestly tell me those children in Palestinian territories had exactly the same opportunities as an Israeli child. You look at Gaza Strip and compare it Tel Aviv or even small village in Israel they are separated but they are not equal.

  4. RIP to all of those who have perished and are now suffering thanks to Netandoodoo’s pointless conflict

    1. @Danger Close LOL. Israelis are always the victims not the Palestinians. If the Palestinian were the victims it would have admit they are human

  5. It is possible to love the people of Israel but loathe the policies of Netanyahu. Many Americans do.

    1. @Danger Close Israel is a terrorist apartheid state at best. Zionist are the modern day nazis.

  6. If they haven’t stop ceases fire and USA have got involved in this war it would have been lite’s OUT

  7. i hope the international court holds netandyahoos of stolen state accountable for war crimes

  8. Imagine if the Jews had this news coverage during the Persian eviction, the Roman eviction, the arab eviction.

  9. The problem is that Israel has not acknowledge the Palestinian right to exist. Yeah if criticize Israel your anti Semite and they had playing the victim card past 70 years.

    1. Exactly. Like, the truth hurts, and sadly the truth is the victim has become the villain. They are victims no more.

    2. Please.. That’s a load of bs. The Palestinian and Iranians don’t want Israel to recognize their right to exist, nor do they want peace with Israel. Their one and ONLY desire is to COMPLETELY wipe Israel off the map, they have said so many times over but the stupid West turn a blind eye to that and try to fix the problem and instead making it worse…

    3. @Theresa Thomas It ain’t BS. Israel hasn’t existed officially as a country for less than a 100 years. Before the Cold Wars in the 40’s all the lands before Israelis had come were belong to the Palestinian for 3000 years. After the Israelis had came they stole those lands and were given to them by the Allies. In essence the country that belong to the Palestinian were wiped away

    4. @Theresa Thomas Israel is a terrorist apartheid state. End of discussion. No amount of bs propaganda by you evil zionists in this comment section can change this fact ever.

    5. @Come 2 Success well your opinion is just that.. an opinion, with all the brain washing from the Palestinians and media, Israel WILL continue to live there and defend themselves, yes they have trials but they are there to stay for a very long time… Period! Those terrorist nations are in for a ride! Watch and learn.

    1. In the perfect world Israel would pay reparations to the Palestinians by having two State Solution

  10. Please now consider the suffering of Beirut and Syria also after HAMAS were allowed to get their own way there with the help of Putin.

  11. It’s not THAT unbearable. I’ve got the AC on, thinking about ordering pizza. Might sleep in tomorrow. Holding up just fine.

    1. The disaster is the mental damage so many who injected Clorox into their arms in a lame attempt to ward off Covid19 are now experiencing.

    1. The US Pipeline Keystone XL will only have 25 full-time jobs and will not bring in 100s after the completion in the building phase. The most of it jobs were temporary and cross 100 acres of lands belonging to the Native Americans

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