Under 30 & Financially Free – September 29 2020

Under 30 & Financially Free - September 29 2020 1


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10 Comments on "Under 30 & Financially Free – September 29 2020"

  1. Wait until you meet a man

    • Is this you talking or the badmind in you?

    • @Dahlia Hunter how badmine come in this? It’s reality u know both females n males at some point start spending on their partner n later down in life go bankrupt, partner probably steal from u etc. I dont need to badmine no body u could rich till kingdom come, broke as a dog its not like u can carry it go heaven.

    • @E.Fresh I know people spend on each other in a relationship. It doesn’t make you go bankrupt at all. As a matter of fact, given that you have a good partner, it increases you financially. Statistics would show that the most wealthy ppl in the world are happily married. But I can’t tell you that you are wrong still… you are who you attract, and your belief is always right as it is directly proportional to your will

    • @Dahlia Hunter u missing the point i am trying to make or u don’t understand Or probably I didn’t explain it properly. U have people that come in your life n take u for granted. I have experienced n i see people as well. I been in relationships i did my part as man invested n what I have gotten out of it cheated on, steal from just thank you but I learned from it I just invested in myself. So I didn’t mean you can’t invest in a relationship but at majotity of the time people come in your life to use u

    • @Dahlia Hunter I going tell u something I been through so much in life u have to actually think and analyze things…

  2. Great content, appreciate this interview

  3. Velmore Jones-Maharaj | September 30, 2020 at 2:06 PM | Reply

    Is your book on Amazon?

  4. Daneel sister that wow congrats

  5. Need to take Dave Ramsay’s Financial Peace course. Rich Dad Poor Dad is 🤮. Robert is teaching ppl to go in debt which is totally wrong.. Dave on the other hand teach you how to not enter debt and the 7 baby steps to financial freedom. Say no to debt.. You are welcome!!

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