United Workers Party says thanks to the Government and People of the United States of America

The United Workers Party takes this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to the Government and People of the United States of America for their continued support to people of the Commonwealth of Dominica and most recently for their substantial assistance in beefing up our national security capabilities.

The generous gifts of two new sea patrol boats, training for our enforcement officers, purchase of equipment and the much needed focus on our state prison facility will forever be treasured. We are also of the firm belief that these will go a long way in protecting our borders and reducing the trafficking of drugs and other illegal activities within and outside of our shores. It will as well, assist the nation in bringing under control other white colour crimes on island.

Further we ask the rest of the citizenry to join us in the condemnation of the apparent increase in criminal activities on island. We are of the opinion that now is a good time, approaching the presentation of the 2012/ 2013 budget, for this Labour Party Government to respond to the U S Government’s initiative, by allocating funds for investigation into the plaguing passport issue and also to seek much needed assistance from external entities in seeking to solve the number of crimes which are still of great concern to this nation; crimes such as the firebombing of the home of Mr GON Emanuel in December 2010.

We are also concerned with what appears to be an intentional avoidance by this government to engage in any form of discussion to address crime on island.

A letter of March 22, 2012 from the Prime Minister’s office informed Members of the Parliament of a series of community meetings as an initiative of cabinet on “Crime, violence and anti social behavior.” Seventeen sessions were scheduled island wide to climax on 11 June 2012. However to our greatest surprise only two of these activities have been held.

In another letter dated 6 May 2012 we were invited by the Interdenominational Committee on Crime and Violence to engage in a discussion with Government on a number of issues to include “our investigations into steps that may be taken to prevent social and economic instability in the future.” Once again the government avoided this opportunity.

This trend brings into serious question, government’s commitment to tackle the issue of crime in Dominica. The lack of interest demonstrated by cabinet to address crime at such crucial time is alarming.


Senator Hon. Ezekiel Bazil


United Workers Party

Tel: 235 6801

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