Unpacking the testimony of Alexandre Trudeau | Power Play with Vassy Kapelos

The Front Bench panel discuss Alexandre Trudeau's testimony on foreign interference and donations to the Trudeau Foundation.

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    1. Have them return the 125 million and let them be a private enterprise, they can than take money from anyone they wish!

  1. Wow wake up Joyce i think you are asleep lol saying he did not know and wasnt briefed .He watched the others being questioned and he threw the woman under the bus that worked there for twenty years .

  2. Just a reminder that CSIS has a list of over a dozen Canadian politicians who have received money from the PRC.

    Whose names are on the list?

  3. The Fact that your donating to a running future PM or already PM is the only thing why they are donating to Trudeau Foundation.

  4. I think Joyce would be a Great Front Benches for the existing Liberal Party, don’t understand why she doesn’t apply for a position?

  5. I didn’t think anyone could be more arrogant than Justin but his brother is even more arrogant.

  6. Ask Kyle Kemper, the other brother. Very interesting to hear his thoughts during the convoy- he says that our PM is compromised.

  7. Mendi cino should b unemployed quickly but we wait for Jag to actually make a decision to dissolve Parliament & call an election – sure confirms he’s waiting for his pension. As for Lib govt looking after parliament, members families they got right on it , 2 years after it happened , but was contaCTED yesterday. OMG how stupid DO THEY THINK WE ARE?

  8. Joyce is a true easterner,even though this is Trudeau’s fifth or sixth screw-up we should give him another chance. What does Trudeau have to do before you guys wake up ? I think Trudeau could murder Pierre in question period and he would still skate.

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