1. My fact checking alarm is sounding loudly with these anti-covid vaccine people spreading falsehoods.

    2. So is this Planet..we are itchin to go to Mars and yet that planet is full of Perchlorate. That means the best second chance of a planet we have has dust-storms and frozen water with things that will always be present and no matter how we try to get rid of it. Let’s take care of each other and this world be smart.

    3. Interesting how all of these “hospital death bed vlogs” feature people who are morbidly obese. This man has clearly been killing himself for many years. I wish him the best recovery but let’s be honest here, if he dies it will be his own poor lifestyle choices that are to blame, not Covid.

    4. It’s not fragile. It’s cycling. Recycling. Refurbishing. Always trying but never completely dying. Matter doesn’t die. Energy doesn’t disappear. It transitions. Your fear is fragile. Like a crystal vase. Holding it delicately, protecting it. If you drop it it shatters and spreads. If others aren’t mindful they’ll cut themselves on your shattered fear. Solution is simple. Don’t keep fear. Don’t buy it. Don’t hold it and you won’t drop it.

  1. he’s not the first or last to be on his death bed and realize just how bad he fucked up. My mom was like him also but she made it but its so dumb to have to deal with this and then only change after it affects you.

    1. @Free Man the CDC Covid Data Tracker dashboard… Right on the front page it says we are at 70.4% of Americans with at least one dose. I highlighter recommend you Google any information you read that you find suspect to verify its veracity.

    2. @M Hall You don’t believe the CDC’s numbers? I’m confused when we stopped believing the CDC. Was it during the last year that Trump was in charge of it or only now because Biden is in charge?

    3. And how he is talking for over 5 minutes without stopping while he is dying from no oxygen for the cnn cameras. Shame on him.

    4. @HumanChangeSkeptic people can fall on either side of this topic as far as opinion and also either side of the political isle… I will not be getting vaccinated and I have voted Democrat in past elections so…you should stop painting everyone with the same brush. It is ignorant and keeps you from seeing the nuance of the larger picture.

  2. I hope he survives, but the anti- vax people will just say George Soros poisoned him or he’s a crisis actor or something stupid. So he may as well just save his breath and rest.

    1. @Jerry Hitman bless your mean little heart. I hope you live past the pandemic, you have so much to learn.

    2. @Adam Rose so watch your news so we can all think the same? I have news for you, this isn’t news. This was an opinion piece, I actually understand that. I’m here to see what happens when reality smacks people in the face. I’m curious of what they say when that happens because I understand human behavior a tad more. What are you doing here?

    3. @Adam Rose Do you ever think about how well that natural immune system worked for the 630,000 dead people? How well did that natural immune system work against polio? The vaccine for polio has almost wiped it out, something our immune systems never managed. Afraid of that spike protien? When you get infected by covid virus you get tons more mrna injected into your cells by the virus. Mrna to make that spike protien plus all the other protiens that the virus is made of. This is how a virus reproduces. Learn. Learn how to research, learn what a good source is and learn that experts are called that for a reason.

    1. @Schawnetta Robinson Nonsense .. plenty of scientific data available. It is truly sad when folks decide to listen to fakefoxmedia.

    2. @Max Q !!! Go get me evidence of gravity and quit deflecting you fake science lover. Get some proof of evolution while you’re at it. Should be easy if science has collectively agreed on it. You’d think they have something concrete right?

  3. Part of me really wants to feel bad for people like this but I just don’t. They trusted lying, right wing grifters and now it’s time to live or die with their choices.

    1. @Marsha Musgrave yep, those kids deserve a good father who wants to protect his family, not this POS.

    2. How can we feel sorry for people who turned up their noses at a free vaccine with their eyes wide open when people in others countries are begging for a vaccine?

    1. @Jasmany Foch fun fact more people in the ICU actually have covid. You want to be in the hospital if you choose not to get vaccinated?

  4. Meanwhile, a Tennessee pastor threats his followers to not get the vaccine neither use masks, and the freaking Florida governor is against safety measures.

    1. Yeah I live in Florida… now kids are getting sick but the governor still playing politics

    2. @Lisa Ruth Cases are up, deaths are continuing to plummet in Florida.
      They did the same exact thing to DeSantis last July when he refused to lockdown, saying that people were going to drop dead everywhere…

      Florida never got to the top 20 in deaths during this whole time…

      But the states that did lock down, all did worse.

    3. @Gavin Beard directly from the cdc site “Children and adolescents can be infected with SARS-CoV-2, can get sick with COVID-19, and can spread the virus to others.9-15 In the United States through March 2021, the estimated cumulative rates of SARS-CoV-2 infection and COVID-19 symptomatic illness in children ages 5-17 years were comparable to infection and symptomatic illness rates in adults ages 18-49 and higher than rates in adults ages 50 and older.16 Estimated cumulative rates of infection and symptomatic illness in children ages 0-4 years are roughly half of those in children ages 5-17 years, but are comparable to those in adults ages 65 years or older”. So I tell you again stop being a moron and spreading misinformation. Be a responsible citizen and help stop the spread by getting vaccinated.

  5. It’s so sad that some people have to reach this point…but I pray for their recovery and God bless them for their bravery to share with others their story

    1. And yet from the comments section here, it doesn’t seem to matter. The MAGAtards still won’t accept or believe it. It’s pathetic and saddening at the same time. The guy’s story and his ordeal will be for naught.

    2. @Kirk R Sad but true my friend…but it sickens me that the people who they vote for are all mostly vaccinated and know exactly what they are doing to their poor ignorant supporters

  6. Keiler: “Doctor after doctor says if people can come inside these walls and see what’s happening”….
    Um, NO!! Do not invite those Q-loving, anti-vax cultists in. They’d just harass the staff, patients and families, say it’s all a show, and cling even tighter to their idiotic beliefs.

    1. @Rob C but you can still catch and spread it which means its NOT effective and we know people have died from it and had side effect. SO NOT SAFE AND EFFECTIVE. And being forced by elite to do what they feel is best for country has a name authoritarianism/Communism if you want that move to China we have that choice in America for now but ill warn you they might not let you come back. See how facts work

    2. @DiSoRdeRLy DePLoRaBLe Nobody is controlling what goes into your body but your boyfriend. You are angry because of the way Liberals treat you. Nobody stops you from acting like a complete Ahole on social media. But that will never stop babies from crying when people don’t tolerate them.

    3. @DiSoRdeRLy DePLoRaBLe There is no god and why do you need all caps? Are you unsure about what you’re saying, do you have to lull yourself into trance? Sad.

    4. @Scott Manerez well we live in a republic with freedom for now so free you can move to China if you like communism but I warn you they might not let you come back. And to say forcing someone to stick drugs in there body is far from liberalism. True libertarians hate forced anything and hate having government and corporations tell us what to do. You are not a liberal my friend you are an authoritarian/socialist huge difference Trump supporters are traditional libertarians free speech constitution anti war small government.. you need a history lesson.. how it works is far left is big government and authoritarianism like communism and socialist nazis far right is NO government and Anarchy slightly left from Anarchy is republican small government more freedom then constitution libertarian. You are far left which is what nazis socialist and communist are. . Dont believe me research pick up a book far right no government far left all government. Easy huh

    5. @Scott Manerez yeah please go to heaven if you’re so convinced. why are you still here? Your faith isn’t strong huh?

    1. @Jeff Morris Ha! Famous last words of this guy and every unvaccinated person who ended up in the ER on the way to the morgue.

    2. @Jeff Morris Don’t tell them, just thank them for sacrificing themselves so the smart people can get on with life.

    3. @Richard Cogbill Nearly 100% of hospital cases are the unvaccinated crowd, so I’m not sure what your point is.

  7. Sad. But he’s already infected his family, and through them who knows how many others – some of whom might die. Hope he survives and holds onto his new-found grasp on reality.

    1. @Susan Caldwell Mostly likely an ungodly amount that alone would be more than enough reason for me to get vaccinated the financial cost as well as the health cost …

  8. There is “taking responsibility,” and there is unwillingly having consequences thrust upon you. This man failed at one.

    1. @Ryan Edwards thx for posting, I took the time to read it. It’s definitely a different perspective than what I am accustomed to.

    2. @Ryan Edwards I know there are a lot of good people from rural areas. Really good people. But you are right. If they are told by those they trust scary things. About the government. About vaccines. About black and brown people. About people who live in urban areas. And those folks AREN’T trustworthy. But have an interest in KEEPING those kinds of people afraid of everyone else because it keeps them wealthy & in power longer. Well then, we know why all this is happening to our country right now.

    3. @Ryan Edwards That is true, the media on both sides pins us on different sides. However we are born and raised in different areas around different people, we grow up with different views of things. And instead of throwing tantrums we should understand why the other person thinks the way they do because we can understand each other more instead of judge.

    4. @Ryan Edwards thank you. It isn’t easy seeing the path you have been through could have gone another way. I struggle whether to send this to my cousin’s wife in Florida after she has come home after weeks and the doctors all thought she was going to die. Covid part D and no vaccination and don’t take me gun from my cold dead hands….. And all the rest. And well educated , religious,love her but don’t think this would help. She is now thinking of getting a shot upon Dr. Advice……

    5. You missed the point and context of his statement- he was obviously taking the emotional responsibility of the situation. Owning his fragile state and getting ready for what may be next.

    1. @Lefty Loser Anyone who truly reads the Bible and believes in God knows why. I don’t want people to die from their own ignorance unlike you.

    2. @Lefty Loser Even your name is a statement of hatred, you’re mad and sad, God doesn’t live in you.

    3. @Kelp Meal Lol I knew that your response would be “there is no God”. People who seem mad at everything like you do always say that. Well looks like you’re willing to bet your own life, and even your own soul, and what you “think”, good luck with that.

  9. “If people could see inside these [hospital] walls it would change their minds.”
    … I doubt it.

  10. I hope he survives, we really need people to spread the word that the vaccine is far superior to actually getting covid itself.

  11. This is exactly why everyone needs to continue to share these types of videos. They are so very important to get through to the unvaccinated even if it’s some of them.

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