Unvaccinated Que. nurses to have licences suspended. Dr. Oughton weighs in 1

Unvaccinated Que. nurses to have licences suspended. Dr. Oughton weighs in


Infectious disease specialist Dr. Matthew Oughton says Quebec is making a strong statement and has some justification in making this move.

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  1. I wonder if Quebec hospitals will start to have unexpected bad weather and air traffic control issues in the coming months?

    1. The doctors have been sitting at home doing zoom calls so they haven’t done much this pandemic. The nurses are the real heroes

    1. You don’t get it do you? Let’s fire the germ bombs! Doctors didn’t believe in hand washing until Andrew lister. They killed more women in delivery than help them

    2. @Seaside Mom if you don’t want to be called names, i’d suggest being a responsible person and earning my respect.

    1. @bear paw Putting your patients at risk, showing that you don’t care about them absolutely makes you incompetent. Like if your doctor refused to wear gloves.

    2. @Ross When they aren’t putting their own patients at risk, yes. If you had a mechanic who refused to check that all the lugs were tightened before sending you back on the road, would you be as sympathetic when they got fired?

    3. @Mike Purdue Their choice is based on conspiracy nonsense. Sounds like someone lacking judgement. I certainly don’t want to be treated by someone who thinks the Earth is flat and that crystals will heal me, thanks.

  2. What federal mandate? Has anyone seen this law? No. Your american counterparts as you put it at this point has only made the statement but has yet to put it into law.

    1. @Don Key let’s forsake laws for mandates then. It will help with many things. Lets remove those elected officials as well. They are wasting tax dollars. Mandates are no longer limited in time.
      Its been over 20 months of ever changing mandates.

    1. @Myles Rimmer Clearly you’re smarter than me because I have no idea what point you’re trying to make. More deaths than statistically expected during a pandemic, and this is somehow evidence against the seriousness of the pandemic? Why don’t you spell it out for me instead of me guessing.

    2. Toronto health admitted in a statement on June 24th 2020.

      “Individuals who have died with covid-19 but not as a result of Covid-19 are included in the case counts for Covid-19 deaths.”
      Google it if you’d like.

      This only serves to mislead the public as to how deadly, or not, covid is.
      If I had cancer, but died in a car accident, did I still die of cancer?

      Using liberal logic.
      Perhaps the cancer affected my reaction time and motor skills and I wouldn’t have gotten in the accident if it wasn’t for the cancer?

    1. @Freddie Jones chances of that happening are about .003% but yeah we should shut down the whole world and just wither away and die because of it

    1. @Tom Terrific You are a naughtzee, I bet you can’t wait to volunteer for guard duty at the camps.

  3. Oh well we’re not “going it alone” so it’s fine. Cognitive dissonance at its finest. Imagine being this much of a shill.

  4. you can see the patients are elderly and overweight, patients are about to suffer greatly from such short staffing. Hero to zero

    1. That doesn’t matter when unvaccinated front line workers are a public threat to health and safety violating mandatory requirements and non compliance at the workplace

  5. The nurses had to do their own studies and pass their exams to obtain their licences. They were not given out free to them
    Fire them if you (govt) want to, but leave their licences alone – you didn’t work for it

    1. If a nurse puts their patient(s) or colleague(s) lives in danger, should they be allowed to keep practicing? This is a matter of public safety.

    2. @anonymous me lol a nurse knowing more than an attending doctor what’s next an architect trying to do an engineers job

  6. 18 months ago when there was a lot of unknowns, no vax, a shortage of PPE. These brave souls put their lives and the lives of their families at risk, by doing their job. The question everyone should be asking is what did they witness that changed them from fearless to fearful.

    1. The percentage of non-vax nursing staff is so low… this is just the flavour of the day news cycle… they won’t be missed

    1. It’s like bruh, there are many states against this who will fine any association that does this because it’s discriminatory and counterproductive to fighting the pandemic.

  7. Less than a year ago they were touted as Front Line Workers but now they are Bottom of the Barrel. Are the beds that empty you can afford to lose staff, let’s get some videos from inside the hospitals across the country!

  8. we are doomed either way. health care should be able to keep up with anything but it was fucked b4 covid. shitshow.

  9. Choosing not to put something in your body is hardly an offence to have your license pulled. You normally have to have done something really bad for that to happen. This is ridiculous, we need to hold these politicians accountable.

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