UPS driver collapses on front porch from heat exhaustion in Arizona | USA TODAY #shorts

UPS driver collapses on front porch from heat exhaustion in Arizona | USA TODAY #shorts 1


  1. If your vision starts to go wavy &/or you feel lightheaded — sit down. If you’re alone, seek shade & water immediately.

  2. He was having a mini stroke from the heat commonly known as “heat stroke”
    Your core temperature is over 104 degrees
    Your mind is altered and you become confused
    You lose basic motor functions to your body.
    Your joints lock up and tingle.
    Not to mention severe dehydration and headaches.
    This can be serious if you continue working in these conditions. It could lead to a full blown stroke or even death.
    If anyone starts to feel funny while working in the heat..Get into an air conditioned building immediately..wrap a cold towel around your head to bring your temperature down and drink some cold water.

  3. This heat is no joke. I drive for UPS in Ohio and it’s just as bad out here. Drink lots of water and get into shade whenever possible.

  4. as a ups driver i feel this man and the fact ups just stated he is fine as their response is sickening however expected. Our company genuinely does not care about us only how efficient we are working and how much money they are making we are only a number. Something needs to change

  5. As a letter carrier for more than 40 years, 32 in the High Desert in CA, I can appreciate what those ovens are like. I recall temperatures reaching 134° or higher in our trucks. Hydrating and pacing yourself are the only ways to survive. I never drank less than a dozen half litre bottles of water daily. Management doesn’t like this, but, slow down, if you must. Your life is worth more than their numbers or any discipline they try to put on you.

  6. I see people drinking booze or doing drugs while on the job almost all time! And they never drink water.

  7. Ups should install solar cell on top and an air conditioner for its trucks. They should be creative to keep their employees healthy. Otherwise, even the salary of $50/hr won’t help them recover quickly enough for so many days working under the extreme heat.

  8. I worked seasonal with UPS for peak in the winter and I cannot imagine how it is in the summer for them. This is horrible

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