1. Thank you for your service defending America and Ukraine. You are a true hero may God bless you in all aspects of your life. You deserve more recognition. You are a very honorable human being. So young but you have seen and been through more than all of us ever will in our whole lives. I ask God to keep his hands on you and to guide you and Ukraine to VICTORY.

  2. Great guy! Stay strong Ukraine! US citizens are always for freedom and democracy and will continue you guys as long as it takes.

    1. @Filip Chilyan he got dealt with because he lived in an ivory tower while he watched “his people” suffer under the weight of the international sanctions he caused.

  3. I really appreciate when CNN puts real people on air – it’s OK to not know everything about everyone, and stumble over a few words – in order to hear truth!

    1. @Northernsailor trust me I know about the lack of Geography, send a year up state NY in senior-highschool.

    2. @OH KO  – I replied initially to someone who said she was fighting FOR HIS PEOPLE. HIS PEOPLE are American citizens, not Ukrainians. I also said if he’s going to volunteer, that’s good and fine, I don’t care really. But there is reason OUR US PRESIDENT won’t send our US troops to fight the Russians. He is smart enough to know WW3 isn’t a good idea for OUR national security. This US citizen wants to go fight for a foreign nation who was invaded, good for him, I reiterate, he’s not doing it on OUR behalf

    3. @GondorianSlayer I’m not afraid of fictional wars against countries that collapsed 30 years ago.

    4. Yes so clever—like how he asked “what’s the question again” 5 seconds later. The bumbling fool “act” is so charming

  4. It’s eerie to think that all the people died in this series, soldiers or civilians, were still alive a year ago. Historic battles have a feeling of distance, but this series… each line pushing means numerous people that are living, dreaming contemporarily with us have left us..

    1. Facts, this is even more reason to enjoy what we have and not take it for granted. Specially because I’m pretty sure that we all will feel a bit of the pain their feeling now.

    1. Where did they fine that “vet” a Ukrainian school playground? Give me a break! That kid is clearly not American and the only combat he’s had was on a ps3 but probably on a ps2 cuz we all know how poor and worthless those people are!

    2. @Tom Taubken Why do our tax dollars have to support Ukraine when we can’t even help our own country?

  5. Stay safe young man! You are the real hero. I appreciate your knowledge and intelligence. Slava Ukraine!

    1. @Eric Chase the irony never escapes these clowns? I’m under the opinion that they are mostly AI bots…

    2. The moment he refused to flee Kyiv is when he earned every penny for his country in military aid..

      Imagine the second best (supposedly – at least most “expert sources” claimed) military in the world coming to assassinate you.. he probably could have temporarily fled to Poland and directed the war effort and still gotten support from home and abroad. But the second he made that video about staying in Ukraine is the moment I decided we should help this man..

  6. Well said and good luck to you young man, I really hope you make it through all the brutality in Ukraine.

    1. @Alex Perez ofcourse best fucking comedy channel there is…well next to that Ricky gervais guy😂

    1. An interview Ron Desantis did not see coming. Words of honesty that is kryptonite to immoral politicians. 🇮🇹

    1. @james waititu Depends on which god your brain is imagining? The Christian God is not pro-war….as far as Christ’s teaching goes…..

  7. Funniest part of the interview: when asked about Ron DeSantis … his response “What’s this guy’s name?” I just about fell out of my chair. 🤣

  8. This hero looks so young and yet has been sacrificing, fighting in the deadly war for over year and its not done yet. 🙏🏻

  9. “You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”
    ~ Maya Angelou

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