US breaks daily record for Covid-19 cases 9 times in 1 month 1

US breaks daily record for Covid-19 cases 9 times in 1 month


In a month of harrowing milestones set across the country, the US has broken its own daily record of total new coronavirus cases at least nine times.
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  1. According to donaldtrump, “it’s all fake news”…
    Our country cannot survive 4 more years of this Habitual Pathological Lying Lunitic.

    1. If you are talking about of the majority of CNN’s staff, I am happy to support kicking some people out.

      Nancy Pelosi works too.

  2. Our “president” is literally killing us… and there are still Americans who support him, because they don’t believe reality. It was clear before the pandemic that Trump’s supporters were a brainwashed cult, but now it’s crystal clear and undebatable.

    1. @Wordavee1 trump stopped travel and border within 2 weeks of gettingcovid intel. He dis his job beautifully like always.

    2. 10th amendment, its the governors not the president that’s to blame.. read the constitution

  3. if first episode of THE WALKING DEAD started in 2020 the spray painted door in hospital should say DON’T OPEN TRUMP SUPPORTERS INSIDE.

  4. Why do we have a mentally ill person in one of our highest offices, all the while we are dying from this virus! WE Have Lost Our Minds.

    1. No the politicians have cause there the ones who voted him into office. The way voting works is we the citizens are the popular vote. But since voting works by Senate seats they vote the president into office. So your senator’s are supposed to vote in the direction of the popular vote but in the case of the election with trump in some states thats not what happened and why Hillary Clinton lost. But a law was passed and now popular vote is the deciding factor.

    2. That’s why there should be a simple skill testing question to run for President. 10 divided by 2, times 3, minus 5 = ?. Trump would not have stood a chance!

      Then again, Trump would have just called up his buddy from highschool to take the test for him just like he did for his college entrance exam.

    1. Considering the EXPERTS came up with the theory…. ummm… you hate Fauci too? More comments from loonie lefties that never watched a briefing.

    2. @TripleAstyle1 A Nope. I heard Dotard say that.
      Now bobble head Birx is being thrown under the bus. LOL

    3. Who actually bought that snake oil bull, maybe he meant to say his fake tan would bring his numbers up

    1. Nope, foxers still watch other outlets to see how fake they are. You should try fox, much closer to reality.

    2. Yeah covid did stop a while ago, the name for it is now Wuhan, considering that is the origin of the virus, but apparently “chinese virus” is offending the virus some how.

  5. Trump: “It’s not a very tough job to do.” (Referring to mayors)
    Mr. Trump, when tf have you ever been a mayor??? And Stop turning against our states!

    1. By turning a blind eye to the looting and rioting the mayors and governor s turned on their own people.

    1. Oh the irony, CNN is a “news” source overwhelmingly viewed by the dumbest of the dumb that mindlessly beleive the propagandist agendas of CNN and other mainstream trash

    2. @Wolf Duvall right, just like diabetic, sheep when they listen to their doctor to take their insulin.

  6. “This was politicized whenever it should have been unionized—” That’s literally so true. Why did Trump make it a great big deal that “leftists want masks” and “conservatives shouldn’t wear masks”. That’s probably the dumbest thing about all of this.

    1. @tcnascar1 You should not be dining in restaurants at all, especially if your city’s numbers are on the rise. That kind of behavior is exactly why the numbers aren’t going down. And make no mistake – just because the infections haven’t stopped completely, you should not assume that they are doing nothing. Even if they’re only blocking 30 – 50% of the infections, that can easily be the difference between a critical threshold of uncontrollable exponential growth. This is not a matter of all-or-nothing simple fixes. It is a matter of constant vigilance and personal responsibility, and *everyone* needs to do their part.

    2. Pam Deshane 21 trade marks for ivanka, trump and his wife ivanka both make all there crap that they sell to there brainwashed moron voters in China and how about that 350 million loan from China to trump and friends in Indonesia, or the condos that Jared and his sister were selling in China and giving out American green cards if they buy a condo? Should I go on moron? ……………

    3. @Pam Deshane bud 140k deaths is a lot more than what you listed for 1. crimes went down 2. Mental health can be prevented in the sense people can be restrained and attended to, Covid is a death sentence to some people, and or no widely effective med available 3. blame your president for job loss, if he took it seriously this would’ve been gone months ago

    1. The US was in World War II for a total of 3 years and 6 months, 42 months, and suffered a total of 291,557 casualties, approximately 7,000 deaths per month.

      Covid-19 has been in the US only 6 months and there are 135,000 casualties a rate of 22,500 per month.

      Covid-19 is killing Americans at more than 3 times as fast as World War II

    2. @Brad Gies there were 400000 deaths in World war II go to the memorial in Washington and you’ll see

    3. @Pamela Wiles that 40,000 were the rich white boys, Latinos, and blacks were excluded, cause their life didn’t matter.

    4. You’re right, we should have voted in Haiti’s favorite sex trafficker Hillary Clinton…ask her Laura Silsby is



  8. That’s funny, I was pretty sure the people in his BASE were the people that believed Mothers SHOULD BE AT HOME with their children….

    1. I am his base and I do…the only way you don’t raise mind-controlled morons or stop liberal sex traffickers from snatching kids off the streets

    2. And also to keep our 2nd amendment rights so that we may defend our selfs when needed, considering that the founding fathers put it on the bill of rights in the first place for a good reason.

    3. What’s wrong with that? Oh that’s right you devils hate family . What’s wrong did Cary make you do the dishes? Time to grow up

    1. @swordknight yeah obama also had 140000 dead from ebola oh wait no he didn’t there was only 2 ebola deaths in the US and Obama didn’t do a good job? So apparently the more deaths under a president the better he is.

    2. Is so funny he won the Presidential Seat promoting hatred propaganda and it turned around and bit the US In the behind.

      What’s amazing he continues to pull that played out trick and more…I don’t believe the American people is that gullible

    3. This Nation was founded on Christian Principles and Unity and one overbearing, ego centrical, Individual will not rewind time to when only one voice could be heard

  9. TrumPutin has turned the country into a death camp, while golfing and pardoning criminals. Interesting choices.

    1. @Jenifer Johnson unlike Biden who wanted open borders during pandemic? How Biden would kill e dry one off and we’ll the rest to China!

    1. How many people do you know who died of faux-vid…several months and I still do not know one single soul. Not even a friend of a friend

    2. Regardless, I bet you guys have no idea how many recoverys there are, or the current rate of death.

  10. If only he was competent and able on addressing this then he would not have to worry about his re-election. But he is an incompetent orange moronic clown!

  11. I LOVED his last comment!!! ” We will do whatever is necessary in Nov. to remove him from the wh!” YESSSSSS!!!!!

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