US Consumer Product Safety Commission to consider gas stove ban | USA TODAY

Gas stoves have been found to emit toxic chemicals that have been linked to cancer and childhood asthma.

A federal agency is reportedly considering a ban on gas stoves on the heels of rising concern about harmful indoor air pollutants emitted by the appliances.

In an interview with Bloomberg, a U.S. Consumer Product Safety commissioner said gas stove usage is a “hidden hazard," which can cause health issues, including respiratory problems in children.

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  1. Of all of the things contributing to a declining air quality you’re coming after my kitchen stove?!?! You are insane.

    1. @Twilight Gardens presentations Complete BS. I use propane and that is even cleaner than natural gas plus 50% of electric comes from coal that pollutes far more than all the gas stoves combined so keep believing their BS this is just a way to force people into a single source of power something they can control. We are seeing this with those who volunteered for the smart meters. Controlling your thermostat without your ability to override it. Its all conditioning to eventually control what you can use.

    2. @Twilight Gardens presentations  proven to make family members sick? Are you getting your facts from the same so called experts that said Covid vaccinations will prevent you from getting Covid?

    1. They should ban eating because it causes us to produce methane gas, and use toilet paper which is bad for the environment

    2. A L is getting his facts from the same so called experts that said the Covid vaccinations are safe and they also originally said that it will prevent Covid which was all proven false. This info that A L is getting his info is also false. Many so called experts in science use their opinions or their personal political views to distort the truth and these are facts. I went to school and had a Meteorology professor say that much of the data that scientists use are based off of biased personal and political views then using actual real scientific data or a distortion of the data for personal gain.

  2. where do they think all this electricity is coming from? I suspect this more about control than health.. Otherwise they would have banned fast food long ago.

  3. Yeah. Make you get an electric stove so they can shut it off when they want and stop you from using it. Same thing they’re doing with cars.

    “You will own nothing and you will be happy!”

    1. @A L It is called propane. You can store you gas long term and never have to worry about them controlling your cooking and heating.

    2. @A L yeah most ovens and stoves can have an adapter hooked up to them allowing them to run on propane. Which is easily stored and kept on hand. Clearly, you don’t think things through. Educate yourself bud.

    3. @Diana Hill yeah. Gas stoves can be lit manually in times of power outages and can be hooked up to run on propane. Electric stoves can not. They want people to suffer.

  4. This isn’t about air quality or we would be talking about proper ventilation not banning stoves. These people are straight ideologues the will come for everything

    1. this exactly! If it was about safety, then all new installation would required vent hood wired to the stoves gas shutoff valve, like a restaurant range. The gas will not come on without the vent hood being on

  5. Cigarette smoke, car exhaust and now natural gas stoves- when is cooking any food going to be banned? But secondhand smoke from crack pipes and pot is safe?

  6. This isn’t about what the so-called consumer safety commission said. It’s about banning anything that has to do with gas in general.

    1. Exactly,there pushing solor in a extreme way,2024 people gotta vote for republican president and end these far left occult.

    2. Yea and we going to eventually have a civil war if we don’t pull our selfish heads out of our asses and start looking after us and in US citizens. We need jobs we need infrastructure we don’t need everyone else’s problems and everyone else. Not now, there is no responsible way to explain this as divided as this country is now. No explanation other than irresponsible silly legisation

  7. These people try to build themselves up by tearing down what others have built, but it doesn’t work like that.

  8. Gas stoves are the gold standard for people who are serious about cooking or who live out in the country and want better control of their lives.

  9. This is so disgusting & I’ve used gas for many many years. Just makes me furious they just want to control everything

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