US COVID deaths top one million: What does that number look like? | USA TODAY

US COVID deaths top one million: What does that number look like? | USA TODAY 1


  1. Well, since it has become clear that the number of Covid deaths was miscounted and the CDC was ordered to fact check their data, perhaps the number is accurate and perhaps it is inaccurate. If you have lost a loved one; that loss is not less because they passed due to cancer, heart failure, COPD or mental health issues. Your grief is real and justified. May the passage of time grant you solace.

    1. My friend of 40 years died last year. He had EVERY symptom of covid yet they NEVER tested him .

  2. Given that 75% of deaths were people over the age of 65 with 1 or more significant health conditions, though their deaths were of course tragic and perhaps slightly ahead of schedule, I don’t think many people would make the argument that those deaths were shocking.

    Like, if your 82 year old cancer-riddled grandmother died of COVID, is that such a shock? I mean, there would be like a dozen things that were equally as likely to kill her on any given day.

    1. @Gary Stevens It floats around there. A fair number of people in their 50s died. People under the age of 50 accounted for like 5% in aggregate.

    2. No deaths are shocking. It’s sad that people die, but not shocking. It’s just part of life.

  3. What does that number look like? It looks like a number that is measured from the start of the virus, instead of yearly or seasonal like ALL OTHER viruses ever measured. OF COURSE it’s going to be an ever-increasing number if you never reset it to yearly/seasonal! Every days is a record, every day is more fear. The actual truth is, YoY death totals are down something like 60% and flatlining. Cases are still floating around, and even going up in recent weeks, while deaths are *still* going down on average.

    1. …AND… doesn’t look like much next to 332,400,000 (2022)….(in 2020 it was 329,500,000)

    2. well, this hasn’t become a seasonal thing yet; it’s very much still a pandemic. An epidemic could be seasonal, like flu epidemics, but not worldwide pandemics. Pandemics are over-arcing, one whole thing, which means you count every death until they’re over. Basically just like a seasonal epidemic, but longer, because it hasn’t truly stopped yet.

  4. Sounds like someone needs to be brought up on crimes against humanity! Starting on the hill.

  5. Looking at how we count, like if you pass away from anything and so happen to have had cov1d in the 30-60 days prior, that counts? Seems easy to get to 1 million by counting that way.

  6. Now do the same thing for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer to put that into actual perspective.

  7. For the headline You forgot to add “due to the President’s mishandling of the pandemic”. I mean, that was the template less than 2 years ago.

  8. But 1 million die each year from cancer and heart disease for the past several decades…give them some love too

  9. America is only 4% of the world’s population, but houses approximately 25% of the world’s prisoners.

    Do a story on that some time.

  10. Huh how many of those deaths were actually other illnesses ? Guess we will never know . How many people have died of heart problems since the first McDonald’s opened up ?

  11. It means that China owes this country and the world a whole crapload of money. And an apology. Fat chance.

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