US election: Looking back at Joe Biden's life and political career 1

US election: Looking back at Joe Biden’s life and political career


Joe Biden has spent half a century in politics and it's his third time vying for a spot in the White House – here's a look back at his career.


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  1. Oh I thought they were going to actually go over is political career. What policy he fought for ect ect.
    Silly me

    1. ok i don’t even like Biden, but thats an unfair point, because he was quoting someone elses words lol it wasn’t his own, so you shouldn’t be spreading that false information lol

    1. We all know Don the Con only wants to win because he doesn’t want to go to jail because of his crimes.

  2. The contrast between this and the Mike Pence piece is staggering. They mention Biden’s previous runs for president, but not why he dropped out? Just listen to the difference in backround music

    1. You do realize that Don the Con was spreading Russian propaganda right , Don and the corrupt GOP are nothing but Russian agents .

  3. It’s funny how his “life” doesn’t include anything he actually did to America

  4. Let’s see… 40 years as a regressive hack politician who voted against every social program you ever heard of; spent years sniffing other people’s young daughters; took so many bribes as VP through his son; at some point his brain melted completely, but regardless your corporate masters decided to run him as token POTUS. He’s proud to be running for United States Senate.

  5. HE is an absolute CRIMINAL and has nothing but stolen tax payer money for his own gain while accomplishing NOTHING in 50 years. Sounds like a great president to me.

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