US General details attempts to shoot down Chinese spy balloon, UFOs | USA TODAY #Shorts

General Mark Milley detailed the military's attempts to shoot down aChinese spy balloon and three unidentified flying objects near South Carolina, Alaska, Michigan and Canada.

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Three unidentified flying objects shot down from North American airspace could turn out to be balloons used for research or commercial purposed that posed no direct threat to the U.S., a White House spokesman said.

“Given what we've been able to ascertain thus far, the intelligence community is considering as a leading explanation that these could just be balloons tied to some commercial or benign purpose,” said spokesman John Kirby. No one has come forward to claim responsibility. And there are still a number of unanswered questions.

But Kirby said the U.S. hasn’t seen any indication that points directly to the objects being part of China’s spy balloon program, even though they were shot down about a week after the U.S. shot down a Chinese spy balloon in the Atlantic Ocean. He said the Pentagon has ruled out the possibility that the objects were from the U.S. government.

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  1. Where does a missed shot go? Can it be remotely detonated while still in the air so people of Michigan or Ontario don’t get a missile in their dining room?

    1. These may have been modified missiles designed to punch holes, (as the other Sidewinders were), not explode. But one would imagine it *should* still have remote detonation capabilities. I believe this was an AIM9x missile fired from an F-16, if that gets you anywhere on specs.

  2. “First shot missed, on the fourth balloon.”
    “I’d give you a call if we are planning an attack.”

    1. Amen should be top comment, every American should know what this guy is capable of and what he’s up to and what he has access to and what can happen if it’s compromised

  3. I’m surprised General Miley had time between trying on makeup and watching videos of transvestite “drag shows” to discuss biden administration failure to secure USA airspace. We’ll our airspace is now as secure as our southern border. You did it joe.

  4. Wait a minute!!!! You guys missed hitting a BALLON!? What’s gonna happen when you want to hit a moving jet?!

  5. Ahh yes more coverage on the balloons, nobody pay attention to the ecological, environmental and health nightmare unfolding in Ohio…

    1. What are you talking about? The accident was reported everywhere. Train derailment happen all the time (this one is pretty bad) but shooting down ufos is something that doesn’t happen often, no wonder it gets more attention – no conspiracy needed.

    2. Covering up corporate fascism is number one priority! Can’t let people know there is chemical bombs traveling around the country. Shhhh!

    3. @watcher13th I know but doesnt stop fascist corporations cutting safety corners to create their illusion of safety be damned who it hurts or kills in the process. They figure it’s cheaper to settle with those suing for damages than make sure they have zero chance of an accident.

    1. @watcher13th
      They have your comment shadow blocked.
      I know because I’m using an app that lets me see it.

      Say it again, they didn’t hear you. Lol

    1. @BewareOfSasquatch I’m such a maroon…thank you for the correction. I was soooo seriously convinced they were party balloons. 🙄 By all means, we should use air to air missiles at a cost of millions of dollars each (and we still MISSED), rather than using the 20mm canon with 480 rounds onboard the F22. Maybe that 20mm canon will shoot down the party balloons? What is your expert opinion? Should we still use the multimillion dollar missiles just to be extra sure?

  6. The Air Force missed once on a balloon?
    What does that say about the Air Force!!!
    Having a hard time with a balloon,I can imagine how this would go if it were an enemy jet.WHAT A COMPLETE BAFFOON!!!

    1. @watcher13th BAHAHAHAHAHA Literally the last comeback I was expecting to read!!! P.S. I’m thinking a blind squirrel could of done better!!!! 😂😢😂😢

    2. @watcher13th
      Don’t let it hurt your ego, it’s just true.

      How TF does a trained pilot miss a balloon in one of the most advanced jets in existence?

    3. @watcher13th
      AIM-9X has sensitive heads.

      They only need contrast and pretty much anything that high emits IR signatures against the air.

  7. This thing moves incredibly slow. How did it miss? That’s just Proves our technologies are not as advanced as we think they are.. I don’t understand why we don’t just shoot bullets instead of missles? Where did that missile go? Are they able to shut it off before it goes anywhere or did that land somewhere and blow up?

  8. When the first one was seen they quit releasing them. They’re going to have a few already up between here and there. Looked like 1 a day.

  9. They couldn’t identify these were balloons right away even though the first wave were just a couple of days earlier? That’s so ridiculous 😂

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