1. I agree with what Mark Cuban said that within 7 years of Trump losing the
    election he will be bankrupt, for good this time.
    All Trump’s doing is driving away business because many of the wealthy will
    see it as bad business to be seen associating with Trump, which means he’ll
    start to bleed money and not attract investors, and because he only part
    owns many of his properties they may attempt to distance themselves from
    And since NBC has killed off the Apprentice he just won’t have many avenues

  2. “Do Americans really want to place their lives in the hands of a known
    psychopathic liar and criminal like her, with such severe medical
    impairments who possesses the capability to push the nuke button that would
    end the world”?

  3. Who cares what he thinks it’s what the people think that matters and I hope
    they vote Trump – the alternative is a lot worse!

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