US lawmakers visit Taiwan following Nancy Pelosi’s trip | USA TODAY

The five-member delegation was led by Democratic Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts to discuss U.S.-Taiwan relations, trade, investment and more issues.

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China, which claims self-ruled Taiwan as its territory, responded to Pelosi’s Aug. 2 visit by sending missiles, warships and warplanes into the seas and skies around Taiwan for several days afterward. The Chinese government objects to Taiwan having any official contact with foreign governments, particularly with a high-ranking congressional leader like Pelosi.

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  1. Paul Pelosi Jr. battery and tech investing trip was so successful of course other lawmakers are flooding the area to make similar deals. How many of these lawmakers have family members that certainly aren’t colluding on insider trading information?

    1. @GorisF30 NO!…Many of them do it both Republican and Democrat. There are a few good eggs and we need to recognize them…the Ron and Rand Paul for one.

  2. Come and visit more! Go on escalating inland situation! Soon Taiwan and China mainland will completely be united as one for you sake

  3. More wasted taxpayer money, all could have been done on a Zoom call with Jeffrey Tubin as entertainment 🤡😂🤣🤔

    1. @BigMac – What are you asking Ace to do your research for you. You want to know details, research the details. Do know how to do that?

    2. @Stridus7 if they were paying their own way I’d agree with you but seeing as it’s at the taxpayers expense I’d like to see something more than a photo op come from this trip

    1. Sure, taking a stand against China taking Taiwan is so connected to our homeless crisis. I agree that mental health care and homelessness in the U.S. are horrific and shameful, but that has nothing to do with this.

  4. They travel at night,, Nancy did also,,,if they are not brave enough to travel like normal,,what are you trying to prove?

  5. Imagine being one of the hundreds of shipping container captains that has to go through the straights on a daily basis. Must be the scariest job of all time.

    1. They would be fine, most ships go around that water way unless they are leaving CCP controlled ports. It is more scarier for them near Somalia where pirates like to pick off these ships directly.

    2. @Robbie Turner do you realize China has created many man made islands in South China sea near Philippines and Indonesia which are now military bases?

    3. No, not at all. As long as you’re not flying a Taiwan flag. As you can see in the video, none of those ships are being stopped or harassed in any way

  6. The delegation is focused on INVESTMENT, TRADE, and international relations lmaooo wow they literally TELL US WHY THEY ARE GOING TO FATTEN THEIR OWN DAMN POCKETS WHY GUYS DO WE STILL SUPPORT THESE PEOPLE???

  7. Great idea, let’s give the markets another reason to dump again… Glad to see another pointless trip instead of a phone or video conference…

    1. @Dr. Phill lol it has nothing to do with that and this trip will change absolutely nothing w/ our geopolitical stance or commitments. It’s obviously a big deal for Taiwan, but for the US it’s more about the vanity of these politicians bc this trip will do absolutely nothing to shift or change our current foreign policy.

  8. So Our Law Makers just going to ignore the warning of a foreign Government smh. They said dont step over the line and yall jumping over it

  9. in times like these what can young people do to make things better? they can have more before the great war to make the world a better place

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