US Prepares For Potential Iran Retaliation | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. Nothing for either side to worry about because it was a “perfect assassination”, Rudy is in Iraq and all of this is Biden’s fault!

  2. hes so happy that the Americans aren’t playing around any more. man Americans sure love their war. almost 20 years of it and this guy is itching for another

  3. “War is rich old men protecting their property by sending middle class and lower class men off to die. It always has been.” – George Carlin

  4. Trump started this war
    This is going to be ugly
    We are still fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan
    We are going to fight iraqis in Iraq
    and the Iranian

  5. Warmongering is the only recourse for the impeached peach for reelection. He does not care how many people die for him to remain in power. Nothing that the Trump Administration does can be considered at “face value”. Mitch is a Russian asset, taking money from them for reelection.

  6. The biggest threat to America is not Iran. The biggest threat to America is the very desperate, panicked, deranged, cornered, and currently impeached man-baby in the Oval Office.

    Only someone as criminally incompetent as Trump would believe that going back to having NO inspectors, cameras, check marks, and inspections, is better than the Iran deal. Pulling out of the Iran deal put us back to where we were before, which is exactly where we are today, which is totally blind to what’s going on in Iran and NK.

    President Obama was able to bring 5 countries together, and secure a deal with Iran. It was something we had never had before, and the deal was working.
    In July 2015, Iran had almost 20,000 centrifuges. Under the  Iran deal–JCPOA, it was limited to installing no more than 5,060 of the oldest and least efficient centrifuges at Natanz until 2026. Iran’s uranium stockpile was reduced by 98% to 300kg (660lbs), a figure that must not be exceeded until 2031. It must also keep the stockpile’s level of enrichment at 3.67%.

    By January 2016, Iran had drastically reduced the number of centrifuges installed at Natanz and Fordo. Inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the global nuclear watchdog, continuously monitored Iran’s declared nuclear sites and also verified that no fissile material is moved covertly to a secret location to build a bomb. Iran also agreed to implement the Additional Protocol to their IAEA Safeguards Agreement, which allowed inspectors to access any site anywhere in the country they deem suspicious.

    But the  best part about it was that President Obama didn’t have to praise the Ayatollahs or the Iranian leadership. He didn’t demean himself, or the office of the presidency, by meeting with them, which would have only given them the perception of being on the same footing as a US President. Trump on the other hand, disgraced himself, and the office of the presidency, by meeting with the most despotic and maniacal dictator on the planet….not once, but twice. He then proceeded to compliment him, and wax poetically about how he and Kim Jung Un fell in love after exchanging letters.  And what does Trump have to show for disgracing himself and the office of the presidency? NOTHING….other than love letters, a photo-op, and heightened tensions with Iran and NK. Trump is simply an agent of chaos, mind blowing ineptitude, and corruption. Trump doesn’t solve problems, he only creates them..

  7. Trump believes that asymmetrical warfare is having to flush the toilet 15 times each time you go to the bathroom.

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