US Servicemembers Abroad At Increased Risk After Trump Iran Attack | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Rachel Maddow notes that there are thousands of American servicemembers within reach of the influence of Iran whose lives are at increased risk after Donald Trump's provocative killing of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. Aired on 01/03/20.
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US Servicemembers Abroad At Increased Risk After Trump Iran Attack | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @Tech Place I stand corrected, and there are about 99 ways to say Allah. But they do gave the same God

    1. @Green Man If we get into a major war with Iran, I would not bet on your thinking. China might not, but we have already seen troops from Russia go into Syria.

    2. @American Nacirema I don’t think they are going to do drone attacks over the U.S. what we have to worry about is our military bases in the ME and terrorists attacks on our soldiers. There are 14,000 in Afghanistan and probably a total of 60, 000 spread out in the ME. Like I said the MIC runs our foreign policies and we have never not been at war somewhere since WW#2

    3. @Patricia roe Russia might condemn it but they’re not risking the full force of NATO crashing down on them.

    4. @Patricia roe If they’re there wearing a uniform they signed up to fight. Simple as that. Semper Fidelis

    1. AB Aguirre He’d also release millions in frozen Iranian assets so Iran could build up their nuclear weapons capabilities. lol

    2. David Henderson How well do you think the previous policy of appeasement worked out. Don’t forget these clowns we’re the ones who took over our embassy , keeping our personnel hostage.

    3. @Iam nooneofconsequence lol, a comparison to WWII. Funny, being that was the last war with any kind of a REAL axis of evil threat set on world domination. Murdering thousands upon thousands monthly. VERY different scenario pal. Weak comparison.

  1. Funny how Obama’s thousands of military strikes in the Middle East never “endangered” US servicemembers abroad.

    1. @Kevin Davis of course it matters what sect he was part of. You idiots think the entire middle east is just one big simple place.

    2. @Joe McJoe He’s been flagged as a terrorist since 2005. Long before Orange Man was bad enough to be president.

    3. @TheFreshest Slice
      planning to attack is not a danger?
      if this had been Obama, you evil democrats would be acting like it was the 2nd coming of Christ.

  2. This guy needs to just calm down…Our troops wake up every day with threats from that region..No new news here..!

    1. Vocabulary 101…cutter? And she’s a Reporter. Goes to show that the bar for hiring is extremely low..CNN

  3. “And for my next magic trick, I will make the democrats support an Iranian general whose organization kills us and our allies”

    1. @That 1 Turdle why undo it?
      So we can have more closed casket American funerals because this general helped teach insurgents new tactics and supplied them with IED’s?

  4. American Military in the mid east is in harms’ way, imagine that! and all this time I thought it was like clubmed.

  5. This man at this news station doesn’t realize: we were retaliating for 2 decades of that criminals behavior. Ok dude? Go home and junk off

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